Warm Up for The Rocks – Why You Need to Warm Up Before You Climb

Hey climbers?!

Yeah I’m talking to you guys. I know you’re the same as me. You know…get to the bouldering wall, get too excited to climb, do a half assed warm up and then “warm up on the wall”. Well my friends, good idea in principle but naaat long term in terms of staying injury free and becoming a better and more efficient climber. 

By slowly increasing the heart rate and warmth of the muscles, it serves to lubricate ligaments and tendons not designed to carry the weight of our bodies. Further still by allowing more synovial fluid around the joints we can open up the body in safe and controlled manor to larger ranges of motion. By preparing our bodies for this range of motion we are able access them in a safer manor when we’re on the rocks. Therefore, making us less susceptible to injury. Not only does the warm up prepare the body it also prepares the mind. By warming up it allows the mind to enter into a state of calm collectedness. By tuning into the breath it enables us to approach routes with a focused mindset and heightens our ability to concentrate – and suss out that tricky crux! 

Generally you want to increase the heart rate and work the body through dynamic stretches, prior to starting your first climb. Then once you get to the wall, start out with larger holds and easier routes – ideally with some traversing too. This will ensure you’re in the best possible state to start and continue your climbing. Check out this “Warm Up Flow for Climbers” for the perfect way to get into your climbers mindset.

Happy climbing team!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Photo: Claire Pepper. Location: Yonder. Outfit: lululemon


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