Hi, I'm Kim

I empower mums just like you to put your healing journey first. using mind, body and breathwork we work together to take you from barely SURVIVING motherhood TO THRIVING not only as a mother but as a human.

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Hi, I'm Kim

I EMPOWER MUMS just like you to put your HEALING JOURNEY FIRST. USING MIND, BODY AND BREATH WORK we work together to take you from barely surviving motherhood TO THRIVING not only as a mother but as a human.

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this is my story...

From modelling in New York to working as a personal trainer and yoga teacher in Londons top studios. Hosting adventure retreats to motherhood and teaching transformative breathwork. 

It's been one hell of a ride...but if there's one thing I've learned along the way? Life is about learning to surf the waves.

From a "go hard or go home" mindset to one of conscious connection. Living in survival mode to living a life where my family and I can thrive.

The transition to motherhood hit me like a ton of bricks. Through my darkest times I needed a light to guide my healing. Now my biggest passion is to be that light for YOU Mumma.




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Do you find your mind racing and that you feel generally a little all over the place? Like your body isn't moving quite the way you'd like it to? Like you struggle to connect to your breath in day to day tasks? Like your missing a deep connection to your sense of self? Like your constantly living in survival mode?

Yoga is an incredible practice for reconnecting to your self. Through meditation and breath centred movement we command a state of flow which helps us delve deeper into what is showing up for us in our mind,. bodies and emotional health. We also practice methods of self regulation to help you navigate all of lifes ups and downs that it has to offer.

Find a tool that can bring calming and grounding to the chaos and busyness of our every day worlds. Move and breathe better than ever before. Vibrate higher and live more radiantly every single day. Explore all the great wonders a yoga practice can offer you and your healing journey.

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Breathwork with Kim

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Do you feel like you're working through some challenges that you can't quite make sense of?  Breathwork can be hugely beneficial for self enquiry and tapping into your mind and bodies innate wisdom that the busyness of our modern day lives often by passes - to our detriment.

Breathwork has a huge number of physical, emotional and mental benefits. It can be a gateway of inquisition into your inner world. Depending on what you are ready to receive at the time, it can give incredible insight into your upbringing and past experiences as well as giving whole new perspective of the world as you know it now.

For me I've unravelled huge emotional and physical blockages through breathwork (particularly as a mother). Open the pathway to deeper healing and usher opportunities for greater clarity and purpose in your life.

  It was a positive and fascinating experience. Afterwards I felt physically lighter and clearer. I know the circumstances haven’t changed but you helped me put down a lot of the negativity and anger I was carrying - such a heavy burden. I feel more focused on the blessings and the positives. I think the wave breathing will help me sleep better too. 

Rosie Hardwick


She is clinical yet knows how to balance things to keep the fun and the flow going. She is the perfect blend of motivational and demanding. She is inspiring – taking a holistic approach to keeping you healthy whilst also being relentless in keeping up to date with her knowledge' keeping new inspiration (with basic fundamentals) flowing.
She is a star and one of the most professional people you will come across. She has made a permanent impact on my outlook and the way I approach it: a tangible and durable result, not just a fad. If you want to take your healing journey to a level you didn’t know you had in you and integrating that with a healthy lifestyle: Kim is your person.”

Juan Campos


Kim has taught me to be patient with my body and allow myself to enjoy the process of learning. Training has become so much more to me now than weight loss and thats thanks to Kim. Kim has also taught me to laugh at myself, when falling over half the time in yoga and to not take myself too seriously! Kim is not only one of the nicest people I have ever met, but a seriously caring, motivating and brilliant trainer & yoga instructor. I’ve always loved that I can ask Kim a question about a movement and she always knows the answer and puts in lots of time into understanding how your muscles and movement connect and work. You can really see Kim’s passion for yoga and teaching and I think thats such an incredible quality.

Alessandra Crocker


Breathwork with Kim was such an incredible experience, like nothing I have done before. I didn’t have any preconceived ideas  but wow, it still went way above what I had imagined. My brain had to truly switch off to focus on my breath, this is something I usually find incredibly challenging - especially as a Mum. It allowed me the space and time to relieve my stresses and sit with my emotions. After the session I felt so calm and my mind felt so clear. Kim is a wonderful teacher and made me feel so calm. That night I had such a deep sleep and woke up feeling so positive and content.
It’s like the breathwork changed my mindset. So powerful! 



“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate"
Lao Tzu