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Humum puts Mums healing journeys at the top of the priority list. Motherhood is a PART of you, it is not SOLELY you. Yes Mums are incredible at being Mums but they are also humans too; with very human needs.

When we spend our lives "just trying to survive", our children do too. When we spend our lives THRIVING, they do! We rise, they shine! Join us in person or online at our workshops and events, or enquire today about how we can help you 1:1 or in your workplace.

Join our next mothers healing event...

SATURDAY 9th March 2024,
10.30am-12.3opm GMT ONLINE VIA ZOOM

  • 2 hours of time solely dedicated to you and your healing journey as a Mum guided by Kim Hartwell
  • Mothers healing yoga flow specifically curated for your body as a Mum
  • Conscious connected breathwork session to help you delve deeper into you inner world and healing journey
  • Time for guided journaling to help you reflect on what you need to help you thrive as a mother
  • Nervous system regulation tools you can use in your day to day life to help you recenter available to use whenever you need to
  • A simple e-book to follow to help you throughout the workshop and with integration after the event
  • A copy of the recording available for use up to 14 days after the event if you can't make it on the day
  • All from the comfort of your own home!
The power of tapping into your vagus nerve
Daily self regulation practices
Coming back home into our bodies with the breath, movement + stillness
The window of tolerance
Our nervous system states
Exploring our inner worlds
The opportunity to venture into our underlying physical, mental and emotional blockages

topics covered

whats included...

This workshop is for you if you...

Feel overwhelmed by motherhood and like you've lost your sense of self

Struggle to regulate your emotions in your day to day

You want to start THRIVING in motherhood vs "just surviving"

You feel like you want to carve out more time for your own healing and self care journey

This workshop is NOT for you if you...

Are pregnant and/or are not yet a mother

You are not ready yet to commit to your healing journey as a mother

You are not open to different healing modalities to help you on your journey

You have high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease including angina, previous heart attack 
Aneurysm or stroke. Prior diagnosis of bipolar disorder, schizophrenia or previous psychiatric condition. Hospitalisation for any psychiatric condition or psychosis in the last 10 years. Uncontrolled diabetes/thyroid.‚Ä®Any major surgery in the last 6 months. Glaucoma/detached retina. Untreated PTSD or Epilepsy 

You are interested in delving deeper into your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as a Mum

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