Back to basics (2 of 3) – Overcoming the Awkwardness of Downward Facing Dog

Hey team,

So last week we covered “Why You Need a Steady Chaturanga” this week we cover “Overcoming the Awkwardness Downward Facing Dog”.  This is for you if you struggle to hold Downward Facing Dog. It’s especially for you if it drives you nuts that yoga teachers call it a “resting pose” – ha the audacity!

Again, like last weeks Chaturanga, Downward Facing Dog is a posture that will come up in almost every yoga class you go to. So why has it got to be so damn hard?! Well…trust me, those yoga teachers aren’t lying when they say it gets better. If you feel like that feels a million lightyears off, the likelihood is that you’re just not used to putting your body in that position. Our body adapts and becomes more efficient in the movements we practice. So if you stick with it (using correct form) then you will become better at it – patience my friend.

Here’s my Back to Basics video for Downward Facing Dog to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to make it feel more comfortable. 


Till next time, happy flowing! 

Sending health and happiness, 

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