Reasons to Retreat Yourself

So the idea of going on a wellness retreat intrigues you, but you’re not quite sold. Sure the sun kissed skin, salty hair and sandy toes feel great but the benefits of a wellness break last far longer than that retreat glow you’ll be sporting when you get back.

This is my first full year of running my own retreats. My retreat business leverages many arms. On the one hand I offer fitness retreats with my pal Katie Gray (Fit & Flow Retreats). We pride ourselves on giving guests a balanced fitness schedule including, HIIT training, Yoga and Pilates. Then there’s my personal true passion project Rock & Soul Adventures which entirely focus on the thrill of rock climbing and doing yoga in the outdoors. Immersing ourselves in the nature we find along the way, surfing the seas, and trail running coastal paths. Then simplifying all of that, I also teach on standalone yoga retreats. Where the sole focus in yoga and unity through that means. All different but each with an obvious and common thread. Unifying people. Unifying communities through physical and mental well being. Within that breeds what I can only describe as magic. It’s real and very present on what has fast become my favourite way of working.


5 benefits you’ll receive from going on a retreat?

1) A meeting of the minds from all walks of life

It can be quite intimidating the thought of going on a retreat on your own. Let me tell you, lots of people are in the same boat! Some come for a reset on life, to recentre, to refocus. Some come to make friends. Some come having had some challenging life events that they feel it will help them overcome. Others just come for the fun and the excitement of it. Whatever the reason is, know that you are by no means alone on one of these retreats. Likewise in most instances it allows for the freedom to go and explore by yourself or take time in your own space to do what you need to do. What I can assure you, is that your soul and heart will light up from the excitement and buzz of people from all walks of life. We laugh. We learn. We share experiences that are unique to each retreat in itself.


2) To challenge yourself

Whether your a health nut or total newbie, you’ll be in a position which will challenge your normal regime. Maybe you’ve never climbed. Maybe you’ve never done yoga. Maybe you shy away from meeting new people. Humans are made to adapt. Humans are made to connect to one another. By allowing yourself to open up to new ways of training, thinking and immersing yourself in nature you’ll achieve more than you ever thought possible. All whilst making close knit friendships that last far beyond the remit of the retreat itself. You’ll be amazed at just how much of a positive influence it can have on not just your body, but your mindset. Get outside in nature. Do things you’ve never done whilst really tuning into yourself.


3) Learn

Learn from your fellow guests. Learn from trainers. Learn from chefs cooking on the retreat. The reason I love my retreats is because it allows me the time to spend with my class goers and personal training clients that I just wouldn’t get at home. To truly spend time, away from distractions. We’re essentially on tap to answer all of your wellness questions, and discover all about your fitness journey. 


4) Build habits

Sometimes, life just happens. We get busy. Your health and wellness takes a back seat. Although that is completely normal, retreats are the perfect way to get back into good habits. To redevelop your passion whether it be for training, or yoga or adventure. By prioritising time out for you, your body, your mind and (cheesy as it sounds but true) your soul will soon thank you for it. Go back from your retreat with a positive mindset and renewed sense of purpose to serving your wellbeing.


5) Rest, recover, see the world

We spend so much of our lives racing around. This is your opportunity to rest, recover and reset. Taking a much needed break from the everyday things the “need doing” for what really needs doing; which is looking after your wellbeing. Aesthetics aside, if you’re burning yourself out with work or family commitments, you’re setting yourself up for problems later along the line. Check into you. Not everyone else around you. Not those that depend on you. Be selfish. Take time for you. Listen to what your body and mind is telling you. Discover your true self. Press the reset button, and set yourself up to come back stronger (mentally and physically) post retreat.

Although I run many retreats throughout the year. Please see this as something other than a promotional tool for that. I see how happy retreats make people. I see the changes in people mindsets. I see the magic happen. It’s real and it’s ready for you. There are so many available out there for you to make the right choice. Resonate with the trainers teaching. Resonate with the itinerary. Then go on what can be a life changing experience that you’ll remember a lifetime.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x



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