Kim has completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program registered with the Yoga Alliance. She studied a one month intensive teacher training program in Quantum Yoga under the guidance of Lara Baumann in Sri Lanka.  Specialising in Vinyasa flow she now teaches Yoga one-to-one sessions as well as corporate and studio classes in London. She particularly enjoys teaching her signature Hiphop Yoga themed classes and also has her own concept fusion functional HIIT/Yoga class “Tone & OM” which is available at ONE LDN.

Kim’s classes offer a fast paced athletic flow, which will leave you feeling strong & focused. Her background as a personal trainer means that she knows how the body moves and integrates that into her classes. Power classes come with a side of hiphop & chilled out beats.

Kim has practiced yoga herself for over 8 years and loves what it can bring to someones life. Yoga is so much more than a “stretch”. However it does make you move your body through its ranges of motion. It makes you slow down. It makes you listen to your body. Spending some quality time on your mat allows for huge benefits to your training. From a purely physical mindset yoga helps posture, imbalances, range of motion and flexibility. Here’s just a few benefits you can expect to reap…

  • Yoga promotes flexibility and toning in the muscles as well as helping the bodies internal health.

  • Breath – The focus on breathing throughout the practice allows for breath to flow more freely throughout the body. This encourages better circulation of the blood around the body.

  • Decreased risk of injury – Yoga allows the body to be more supple decreasing the risk of injury.

  • Healing the body – By stimulating blood flow around the body it can help promote healing in the body as a result of increased blood supply to injured areas.

  • Focus – Yoga allows us to listen and gaze inwardly towards our body. By listening to our body we can ascertain what areas feel stiff and tight and in need of some TLC.

  • Dynamic range of motion and enhanced mobility – These are both effected by healthy stimulation of fascia. Yoga allows for this stimulation. Stretching stimulates the production of tissue lubricants, allowing for full range of motion across all of the functional planes. Yoga focuses on all three planes of motion.

Kim is available for:

  • One to one yoga – at home, gym or in studio

  • Small group yoga

  • Corporate classes

  • Personal training and yoga packages

  • Tone & OM group training

  • Birthdays and Hen Do’s

  • Retreats


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