What clients say about Kim’s training….

“Kim makes working out feels like play time, and made me love my body.

She is the most fun and engaged PT I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a lot in my lifetime.

When I first started, Kim quickly identified my weakenesses (hello injured ankles and underdeveloped shoulders) and helped me find ways to get stronger. It’s been 3 years and I keep coming back to her. I think that’s a testament to how amazing she is.”

Rousal, Al-Timimi


“My sessions with Kim post baby were fantastic, she’s full of energy and had loads of ideas of how to get back into shape in a safe and fun way. I was really
pleased with the results and I genuinely looked forward to seeing her each week!”

Susie Kinsey, 2018


“Kim Hartwell has been my personal trainer for over three years.

I had not been an active user of personalised training prior to getting to know Kim, but had kept in shape over the years nonetheless. However, I had some blind spots in my “solo-training” and was getting increasingly frustrated (rigidity in body, back aches, bad postures).

Kim took a deep and bespoke interest in my weaker areas which she identified after a couple of sessions. She went on to research the various areas and came back with a personalised plan which blew me away and changed my fitness and my comfort around pushing myself even harder and took it to a place I didn’t think I could get to. She is clinical yet knows how to balance things to keep the fun and the flow going. She is the perfect blend of motivational and demanding. She is inspiring – takes a holistic approach to keeping you fit (she is a rockstar yoga teacher on the side) and is relentless in keeping new ideas (with basic fundamentals) flowing.

She is a star and one of the most professional people you will come across. She has made a permanent impact on my outlook and the way I approach training: a tangible and durable result, not just a fad. If you want to take your fitness to a level you didn’t know you had in you and unlock a new whole fun side of getting and keeping fit with a healthy lifestyle: Kim is your person.”

Juan, Campos 2018


“I have trained with Kim for nearly 2 years and she is one of the most fun and friendly trainers in London. Kim never lets me leave a class without having worked hard, and is always so encouraging and motivational. Let’s just say I haven’t been able to walk after her classes.

As a Personal Trainer, Kim always works me hard with a continuous smile. She’s really encouraging and always focuses on form, I couldn’t do a deadlift properly before I met her.

Having gone to Kim’s HIIT classes for years, I was excited to try Tone and Om as a counterpart to my training. I love the mixture of sweat and stretching, she really uses moves that work your body in unexpected ways.”

Harriet Tisdall

“I started training with Kim five months after having a baby.  I really didn’t like my post-baby body but at the same time felt too tired to do any sport.

Kim helped me tremendously to get my mojo back and to get me back into shape. Her exercises are really effective and she encouraged me to do them at home as well.

Kim has such a warm and positive personality and managed to focus on each of us as if we had a one on one with her. I loved training with Kim and will always be greatful to her for helping me through a difficult stage when I found it hard to accept my body.”

Nora Jury