Sure you fingerboard, strength train your pull muscles and get on the wall whatever chance you get, but do you practice techniques to help you both increase your range of motion and help build stability in the range of motion you already have?


Here’s where yoga steps in....

Open up mobility in your thoracic spine; impacting every move you make on the rock
Gain a toolbox of mindfulness techniques to get you into your flow state quicker on the rock
Train your antagonist “push” muscles to help counterbalance common climber imbalances
Build greater reach in the shoulders and hips, directly impacting your ability to move efficiently on the rock
Develop Core tension for both movement on and off the wall
Condition the feet (commonly deprived by climbing shoes)
Have the ability to train whenever and wherever you are in the world to develop your climbing ability

Imagine if you could...




access your flow state quicker through mindfulness and breathing techniques

train anywhere you are in the world to be a more mobile and efficient climber on the rocks

climb better, stronger and be less likely to get injured for longer through improved climbing technique as a result of movement, mobility and mindfulness training

who it's for

who it's not for

You've always wanted to try yoga to improve your climbing but not sure where to start 

You're willing to put in the time and dedication to the practice to see the results

You want to become a more efficient climber who has longevity to do the sport you love for longer

Suitable for beginners/intermediate and advanced yoga students that are interested in improving their climbing ability through movement, mobility and mindfulness

If you are not open to different training techniques to help aid your climbing journey

You are not interested in rock climbing and becoming a better climber through mindfulness and mobility training

You are not willing to put in the time to study and practice to reap the benefits of the course


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what's included

Lifetime access to 30+ yoga videos curated solely for the needs of climbers
(including an introduction to each module)
Videos broken into anatomical sections: Hips, Shoulders, Spine (including Neck), Core, Hands and Wrists, Ankles and Feet.

More than 12 hours
of yoga/movement flows

 Short, medium and longer
yoga flows to suit your schedule

5 x Bonus Videos
including additional mobility and
conditioning drills
specifically designed for climbers 

Access to our Yoga for Climbers Facebook Group where you can receive support and connection with other climbers taking the course.

+60 page e-book which details the science and anatomy behind each module and how it directly relates to your climbing. 

Modules broken into anatomical sections: Hips, Shoulders, Spine (including Neck), Core, Hands and Wrists, Ankles and Feet. 

Information on why climbers need flexibility and mobility, how to access your flow state through mindfulness practices and detailed guidance on how you can climb stronger,  more efficiently and injury free for longer using the principles of movement, mobility and mindfulness.

Detailed 6 week program layout with options for beginners/intermediates
and advanced.

+ 60 page ebook

+ 30 VIDEOS with
lifetime access

free resource

10 minute
Upper Body Mobility
for Climbers


+30 yoga flow vidoes

short, medium and long videos

Lifetime access to 30+ yoga videos (including an  introduction to each module)
Videos specific to the needs of climbers, varying in length from shorter flows to longer.
Videos broken into anatomical sections: Hips, Shoulders, Spine (including Neck), Core, Hands and Wrists, Ankles and Feet
5 x Bonus videos including additional mobility and conditioning drills specifically designed for climbers

Here' a litte preview

Everything you need to know about your course

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Introduction to the course
Pre Climb Warm Up Flow
Pre Climb Meditation
Post Climb Relaxation
Intro to Ground Flow
Ground Flow
Intro to Downward Facing Dog
Sun Salutations

Video Overview of the Course

Shoulder Flow
Power Shoulder Flow
Hip Flow
Power Hip Flow
Spinal Flow
Ankles and Feet Flow
Hand and Wrist Flow
Core Flow
Lower Body Deep Stretch
Upper Body Deep StretchParagraph

Alternative Pre Climb Warm Up Flow
Lower Body Conditioning
Core Conditioning Workout
Lower Body Mobility for Climbers
Upper Body Mobility for Climbers

Bonus Videos:


total video time: +12 hours


More than 60 page e-book which details the science and anatomy behind mobility, flexibility and mindfulness and how it relates to our ability to move on the rock efficiently.

Gain detailed information about the how, what and why behind what we're doing and how it applies to climbers. Includes a 6 week program with options for beginners/intermediates and advanced.

+60 page E-Book

SECTION 1: Introduction
SECTION 2: Why Climbing and Yoga are the Perfect Fit
SECTION 3: Course Module Outline
SECTION 4: How to Structure Your Learning
SECTION 5: Things Worth Knowing Before You Get Started
SECTION 6: Knowledge and Education to Help Your Learning
SECTION 7: Foundation Flow Breakdown 
SECTION 8: Pre and Post Climb Flow and Meditation Breakdowns
SECTION 9: Shoulder Flow and Power Shoulder Flow Breakdowns
SECTION 10: Hip and Power Hip Flow Breakdown
SECTION 11: Spinal Flow Breakdown
SECTION 12: Ankle and Feet Breakdown
SECTION 13: Hands and Wrists Flow Breakdown
SECTION 14: Core Flow Breakdown 
SECTION 15: Deep Stretch Classes - Upper Body and Lower Body


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This sounds perfect for me, I'm in!

We know that to be a stronger, more adaptable and more efficient climber, we have to train our flexibility, mobility and strength. Not only will this make us better at performing on the rock, but it will also make us less susceptible to injuries, meaning ultimately we can climb stronger for longer. For the avid climber this has to always be our ultimate goal; longevity to do what we love for longer.

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Payment Details



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Have questions?

What happens when I purchase the course?

When you purchase the course you will receive an email with the EBOOK to download, you will also gain a password to access the video content in the Rock & Soul Log In section of the website.

What happens if I'm completely new to yoga?

This course is made for anywhere from beginners to intermediate and more advanced levels of yoga. It's  perfect for you if you're into rock climbing and want to use yoga as a complement to your training.

What equipment do I need to do the course?

All you will need is a yoga mat, yourself and a computer with strong internet to stream the videos. Wireless headphones are a nice to have for the experience of the classes but classes can be done without (using normal computer speakers). If you have yoga blocks they can be helpful, but not absolutely necessary (books can be used as great substitutes for blocks).

On buying the 60 page manual you will have full access to information of the anatomy and explanation of how we can use yoga to develop our climbing skills. You will also gain access to a suggested program, although this is best used in conjunction with the videos on the course.  

Kim makes working out feels like play time, and made me love my body.
She is the most fun and engaged PT I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a lot in my lifetime.
When I first started, Kim quickly identified my weaknesses and helped me find ways to get stronger. It’s been 3 years and I keep coming back to her. I think that’s a testament to how amazing she is.”

Rousal, Al-Timimi


She is clinical yet knows how to balance things to keep the fun and the flow going. She is the perfect blend of motivational and demanding. She is inspiring – takes a holistic approach to keeping you fit (she is a rockstar yoga teacher on the side) and is relentless in keeping new ideas (with basic fundamentals) flowing.
She is a star and one of the most professional people you will come across. She has made a permanent impact on my outlook and the way I approach training: a tangible and durable result, not just a fad. If you want to take your fitness to a level you didn’t know you had in you and unlock a new whole fun side of getting and keeping fit with a healthy lifestyle: Kim is your person.”

Juan Campos


Kim has taught me to be patient with my body and allow myself to enjoy the process of learning. Training has become so much more to me now than weight loss and thats thanks to Kim. Kim has also taught me to laugh at myself, when falling over half the time in yoga and to not take myself too seriously! Kim is not only one of the nicest people I have ever met, but a seriously caring, motivating and brilliant trainer & yoga instructor. I’ve always loved that I can ask Kim a question about a movement and she always knows the answer and puts in lots of time into understanding how your muscles and movement connect and work. You can really see Kim’s passion for yoga and teaching and I think thats such an incredible quality.

Alessandra Crocker