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Hi there! Thank you so much for visiting my page, it’s so great to e-meet you. My name is Kim Hartwell, I’m a movement coach, yoga teacher, rock climber and avid adventurer. When I’m not teaching in class you’ll find me bouncing around this awesome planet we live on, on the rocks, in the surf or teaching with my brand of rock climbing and yoga retreats Rock & Soul Adventures.

I have a deep rooted passion for helping people to feel the very best version of themselves. When you feel confident in what your body can do, you feel confident in your day to day life. Couple that with mindfulness in your day to day life (both on and off the mat) and you’re golden. I’m a firm believer that a healthy body is a happy body. Movement and nature is our medicine.

My blog is dedicated to sharing my tips & tricks I’ve picked up along the way, with a vision of helping you with your wellness journey wherever in the world your journey takes you.

Let’s get to know each other! Please let me know your questions, thoughts, opinions and any requests you may have! Please get in contact with me, I love hearing from my community! I’m here to help you!

About Kim

Kim Hartwell is an experienced personal trainer who has coached in Londons finest studios. She currently teaches both Movement, HIIT and Yoga classes at Psycle, Move Studios and Core Collective and previously taught at Equinox.

Kim studied to be a personal trainer whilst she lived in New York. She is qualified by NASM-CPT  (Certified Personal Trainer Level 3) and as a NASM-CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist Level 4). She has also studied with Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) which she implements into most of her training protocols. She is also holds a Level 1 TRX certification. Kim constantly creates educational content around her learnings through her newsletter to her mailing list, her blog and social media channels (Instagram and YouTube).

Kim is available online, at home or in studio:

One to one and small group yoga/mobility/flexibilty sessions 

Corporate classes

Personal training and yoga combined packages

Retreats and Day Sessions

Yoga and movement training specific to rock climbing

To book now email: kim@kimhartwell.com

In addition to being a qualified yoga teacher, Kim has also taken many further educational workshops such as anatomy and creative sequencing with her mentor Celest Pereira, and movement training with Emmet Louis and Alex Nino. She also regularly attends classes from her mentors Baris Yazar (and Celest Pereira) as well as others to further enhance her knowledge which helps to formulate what she teaches others in her personal training session, movement coaching, stretch and mobility sessions and yoga classes. Kim is also a Lululemon ambassador but also works with some other of her favourite brands like VivoBarefoot, The North Face and Roxy.

Kims Coaching Philosophies & Mentors

In 2017 Kim completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program registered with the Yoga Alliance having studied under Lara Baumann’s “Quantum Yoga” philosophy in Sri Lanka. Since then Kim has gone on to explore many different trainings in both yoga, movement and coaching. She is constantly inspired and motivated by her mentor Celest Pereira who specialises in anatomy and movement of the body (as a former physio and dancer).

Kim now specialises in what she likes to call “Movement Flow” which she sees as somewhere between traditional fitness and yoga teaching. Using creative flows in fusion with her knowledge of the human body through her years of coaching, she teaches fun, exciting and challenging sessions. Classes encourage free, multi directional, different movement which intends to not only challenge the body differently, but also the brain. Kim isn’t interested in how many advanced postures you can achieve, she’s interested in how much you can explore the human movement you have available to you. How much can you challenge yourself in different ways – no matter how “yogi” you think you are or not.

For Kim everyone has the ability to move, to feel happy and to feel strong in their body.

Come and explore that with her on the mat! 

Kims Rock Climbing Specific Training

Kim is also an avid adventurer and rock climber! Find out more here about her retreats, movement and yoga training specific for climbers here.


Kim the Model & Content Creator

As an international model Kim Hartwell is represented globally with agencies in the US (Wilhelmina), Spain (Francina), Germany (Seeds) and the UK (W Model Management ). Through her work as a model she has secured multiple front covers on fitness magazines Health & Fitness and Women’s Fitness. She has also worked with big name brands like ASOS, Nike, Reebok, Asics, New Balance, Technogym and Adidas. Also achieving contributor recognition in many of the fitness industries leading publications, such as Women’s Health, Self magazine, Cosmobody, Women’s Fitness, Fitness magazine, Health & Fitness magazine and Shape. Kim is a writer and content creator for blogs, magazines and social media platforms, as well as being available for brand partnerships and ambassadorships and retreat collaborations, for all enquiries contact Kim@Kimhartwell.com.

 You can see her modelling portfolio on her agents websites and also keep up to date with her content and modelling through her instagram. For more information on Rock & Soul Adventures (her Rock Climbing and Yoga brand please visit www.rockandsouladventures.com)