Back to basics – 3 of 3 – Why you need to know how to do Upward Facing Dog & Cobra

Oh hey there!

We made it part 3 of 3 in our “Back to Basic Series” yoga series! Last but not least we look at Upward Facing Dog and Cobra. Again postures we see all the time in our yoga flows. Have you ever felt like you were taking the pressure into your back on these movements? 

Feeling pressure (a possibly even pain) in the lower back when doing these movements is a very common thing that comes up with students. It is however something we are very much trying to avoid in this posture. Sending our focus to engagement in the upper body, glutes and core will have a huge difference to the way you feel in this position. Check out my video below on YouTube for my top tips to get the right areas engaged, taking pressure off of the lower back a building strength in the whole of the posterior chain.

I hope you’ve found the Back to Basic Yoga series helpful. Please do let me know any questions or anything else you’d like more help with. Helping people is why I do what I do, so I’d be more than happy to help 🙂

Till next time, happy flowing! 

Sending health and happiness, 

Kim x


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