IGO Adventures Scotland Expedition

Hey my good time gang!

Hope you’re enjoying this wonderful weekend. So a couple of weekends back I was lucky enough to be taken away with the IGO Adventure team to bonny Scotland! It just happened to be one of my favourite adventures to date!

55km covered. Canoeing, hiking, trail runs, bonfires, yoga, mountain summits! What a weekend of EPICNESS. Check out what went down in my vlog with the (also epic) Alice Rickard. Find out what we got up to in the Vlog below:

This was just a mini version of the epic adventures that IGO get up to. There next trips include, Montana and Iceland. They’re also re running the fun with the Scotland trip so if you like what you see you can get involved here!

Whether you’re going near or far, get out there and enjoy natures outdoor gym! What adventures are you guys getting up to this year? I’d love to hear all about them! 

Sending health & happiness, 

Kim x

With special thanks to the incredible team at IGO Adventures for showing us this wonderful adventure. Also to Columbia and Manduka for making sure we were kitted out for it.


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