Keeping the Summer Adventure Alive

What happens when the summer adventures fade and you step into winter? Here’s how I plan to keep my summer stoke alive! 

Wow what a summer! From cliff jumping and coast steering in Cornwall to sport climbing and surfing in Portugal. It’s definitely been one to remember, but the adventure doesn’t stop the moment summer does. From chasing the adventures around the globe, to tirelessly training for those adventures in the gym, entering the colder months is not the time to stop. It’s the time to train. Anyone whose felt the buzz of riding their first wave, or climbing their first (or any!) ascent (no matter how tiny) will know the thrill; it’s time to chase that passion for stoking adventures all winter long!

For me rock climbing is my sport, my source of adventure  and thrill that beats any other (with surfing a close second!) There’s something about being wild and free, at one with nature, in the outdoors and conquering huge feats you may have only once dreamed of. I’ve only really started climbing in the past year or so. Yet the drive and passion for it has meant I do it so frequently I can progress to bigger and bigger things relatively quickly.

In Portugal in July we scaled routes which felt almost vertical overlooking the ocean. Was it scary? Heck yes. Was it epic? Absolutely! Did that all happen overnight and just in the summer months? Not at all!

If you would have told me a few years back that I’d be scaling the walls of Dartmoor Trad climbing, setting my own ropes and routes I would have laughed at you. My training and dedication to my sport made that happen. I became the climber I am today through hours of training off the rocks. When I completed those tough routes, rigged my own route, that for me was my made it moment of the summer. That was the end combination of a summer stoked full of climbing adventure and winter spent dedicating myself to it. Learning, developing, grinding for my sport.

It’s amazing how much you can cross train in the gym to make those moments outside. I always say to my clients, try something new you might just love it. That’s exactly how I found my rock climbing and I’ve not looked back since.

My winter training will be focussed on how I can make my climbing even better. That means climbing at the wall (outdoor and in!), bouldering to improve my technique, leaning up in the gym (so I’m more agile), gaining more mobility, gaining endurance. The inner kid in me just wants to climb all day everyday, the smart trainer in me tells me I have to cross train to avoid injury and better my best on the rocks.

No matter whether I’m in the great outdoors or indoors training hard I need my training and my diet to be on point. My training will factor all the different aspects of my climbing needs into them. My diet is more of a lifestyle vs a specific diet plan. Part of that means giving my body enough energy to sustain long climbing sessions – in or outdoors.  Whether I’m surfing, running or climbing I’ve always got a sneaky CLIF Bar stashed. Whether I have it before to fuel me or have it half way up that rock I use CLIF bars to sustain and feed my adventures. It’s the perfect source of sustained energy. CLIF Bars taste great and are made with a nutritious blend of organic rolled oats and wholesome ingredients. With an optimal blend of protein, fat, fiber, and multiple carb sources.


No matter how hard training is, or how cold I might be surfing or climbing in the colder months I know the view at the top or that one amazing wave will 1000% be worth the work (and more!) This world was made to be explored. Nature is it’s way of teasing us out there and seducing us to the stoke. Keep that summer stoke burning. Let’s make this year our biggest one for adventures yet. Time to get plotting my next climbing and surfing adventures around the world.

I’d love to hear any recommendations from you guys! There’s so many incredible places to explore. Time to get out there, build our bodies (which might just include that training element of being “in there” at times!) The urge and the passion for stoking adventures lives on. To the next thrill that the outdoors brings.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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