Low Impact Lower Body Workout

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Happy Monday! All too often we associate a “hard workout” with purely high impact moves. Although plyometrics (jumping) exercises are a great way to add intensity, placing higher metabolic stress on the body which helps promote speed and strength gains. High impact movement can over stress the body if done to excess. It’s also not great if you’re working with some sort of injury or can be too intense if you’re just starting out in the fitness game.

Try this lower body low impact workout which packs the punch of a HIIT workout without the constant body pounding of high impact movement. You can do this workout anywhere! Just remember to warm up and cool down. Take it at your own pace.

45-60secs x 3-4 rounds

⚡️Sprinter (Right then left)

⚡️Curtsy kick (Alternating)

⚡️Squat punches

⚡️Lateral lunges (Right then left)

⚡️Single leg glute bridge up & down (Right then left)

⚡️Single leg glute bridge in & out (Right then left)

I’d love to hear how you get on! Happy new week! Let’s give that body some love.

Till next time…

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

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||LOWER BODY LOW IMPACT 🍑|| Need some Monday motivation? 🌟 Want a great workout without the high impact? Try this lower body body weight circuit that you can do anywhere 💪🏼 . 45-60secs x 3-4 rounds ⚡️Sprinter (Right then left) ⚡️Squat curtsy kick (Alternating) ⚡️Squat punches ⚡️Lateral lunges (R then L) ⚡️Single leg glute bridge up & down (R then L) ⚡️Single leg glute bridge in & out (R then L) . Don't forget to warm up & cool down. Video sped up for time. Take your time with the moves. Always think form over force. . 👉🏼TAG your Monday workout buddy & let me know how you get on with it. Let's do this team! 🔥 #Tonewhatyouown #training 👟@sweatybetty @seafollyaustralia

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