Top to Toe Balance – 5 Top Tips for Keeping a Balanced Lifestyle

Nowadays there’s no such thing as a 9-5 job. Whether you’re a freelancer or just burning the desk hours in the office, it’s likely you’re a busy bunny. Sometimes even the most energetic energizer bunny can find it overwhelming and begin to feel like they’re burning out. Losing kilter with balance in your day to day life doesn’t only reck havoc with your mind, it does with your body and skin.

Here’s my top 5 tips for helping to keep in check top to toe.

Sleep & Recovery

First, foremost and always, ensure your sleep is your first priority. If that 2am work finish means you have to skip that 6am early morning gym class so be it. Sleep is your number one piece of ammunition. No sleep, no recovery for the body, no rest for the mind. If struggling to sleep is a persistent problem, make sure you speak to your doctor about ways that they can help you with this. I personally find an eye mask and ear plugs do wonders for shutting off the outside world. I also love to use the Scentered Palmarosa, Lavender and Ylang Ylang “Sleep Well” therapy balm, which smells dreamy (literally!). I also find it helps me to sip on a “Nighttime tea” from PUKKA before a bit of shut eye too, it’s like a lavender bath hug in a mug! See my postAre You Getting Enough?” for more on the importance of sleep. If a good whack of sleep is absolutely off the cards with work, or motherhood etc, try to squeeze in naps where possible and take at least a couple of minutes in the day to give your mind a rest from the everyday hectiness (see more in point 5).












Even if your fitness regime and sleep is on point, if your diet is full of processed foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeine, you’re likely to be over stressing the body. Not only will too much of these products mess with your fitness goals, they’re likely to make you feel lethargic eventually (hello coffee crashes!). I say to my clients aim to eat healthy, whole foods (cooked from scratch if possible) 80% of the time, then 20% of time it’s ok to fall off the wagon. Eating the right nutrients will not only help your body, it will stimulate your mind, sleep and keep you glowing from the inside out.


Whatever you do, move it or lose it! It doesn’t matter whether you walk, run, dance, lift, practice yoga, just move. Daily movement helps not only stimulate the muscles in the body, it lubricates your joints keeping your bones healthy and keeping you moving long into older age. It also promotes the development of healthy skin cells, build aerobic power, reduces blood pressure (hello stressful job stress release), lowers the risk of diabetes, maintains immune function…I could go on (what can I say you know I’m a fan!), but you get the picture 😉 Just move…please. Little and often is better than nothing at all.

Give Your Body Some TLC

When did you really take a moment to think about how wonderful your body and your skin is!? I for one take my skin for granted all too often. Running from one personal training session to the next, sweating here, sweating there. Racing into showers, racing out of showers. When did I last give a second thought to my skincare and what chemicals I’m putting on my body? More importantly on my intimate areas? I for one am guilty of not giving enough due diligence to it. As a woman our most empowering asset is our intimate lady areas! I mean it. Something we might not ever think about, but we really NEED to. Is there really a more womanly, powerful place in your body to give some extra love and support to?


Taking a Moment for Stillness

All too often we race around our lives not taking any time to just sit and breathe. One of the biggest things I learned in my yoga teacher training was about the need for us to use our breathe in our day to day lives and prioritise moments of stillness (even for a couple of minutes a day). By taking a moment to breath we can slow down the mind, make better decisions, even out your mood and stress levels, tone your temper and still our crazy information overloaded brains. More on the merits of stillness, breath and meditation in my post here.

Till next time, enjoy taking on the world like the wonder woman you are and remember to give yourself a bit of time to keep in balance.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x



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