ROXY x Boardmasters

What happens when you take a bunch of badass, bodacious Roxy babes to a surfing festival in Cornwall?…MAGIC that’s what! Here’s a sneaky peek of what the girls and I got up to with Roxy at Boardmasters last weekend!…..

Ok so when I say magic….lets breeze past the part where our flight from Gatwick to Newquay was delayed and we spent 5 hours chatting and nibbling sweet Pret nothings in the airport. Plenty of time to get to know my fellow Tipi girl gang in the form of Natalie Glaze (travel blogger extrodanaire), Ally Head (mega babe runner and journalist from Women’s Health) and uber trendy all round lovely person Alix MacMahon, fashion assistant at Glamour magazine. These 3 girls along with a fair few other exceptionally rad humans made for an incredible Boardmasters experience. I mean for instance…after the rough start at the airport we met boyband of our generation “Blue” (all rise anyone?!) on the plane. What more could a girl want!? Ha! Got the obligatory dab photo and we were on our jolly way!

Boardmasters Day 1

And so Roxy x Boardmasters began. As soon as we arrived we knew we were in for a treat. VIP Tipi’s already set and ready to welcome us? Yes please. We dropped our things and were greeted with the BEST Roxy style goodie bag including bikinis, casual kit, Stance socks (my fave!) and ton of gorgeous fitness gear. I haven’t stopped wearing the stuff since. It’s so damn cool and comfy, got ma name ALLLLL over it (not literally you understand!). We head out from there with our Roxy/Quiksilver clan for a night of street food, VIP bar hopping and of course banging live music and dancing the night away. A GREAT start to the festival, our airport woes were far far behind us.

Boardmasters Day 2

Yoga By the Ocean

Slightly sleepy we woke up for our pre yoga brekkie on the bus. When I say bus, it’s the cutest converted double decker bus converted into a cafe. Some delicious granola and coffee and we were fixed up a treat. Then it was on to some Roxy Fitness with yoga on the cliff with the INCREDIBLE Emma Jaulin. Emma is a Roxy ambassador and really has the most beautiful flow in her teaching. Just being around Emma you feel calmer, she has this presence about her that makes you feel happy and serene – quite magic if you ask me! Place that next to a gorgeous Cornish cliff looking out on to the sea, with a bunch of glorious (womens only!) fitfam. Amongst other global Roxy ambassadors and all set in our very own Roxy wellness area, you can probably imagine, it was totally EPIC.

Roxy x Boardmasters | Ph. Megan Hemsworth

Food and Festivaling

Feeling much more rosy from our yoga we spent the rest of the morning chilling, listening to live music,  sipping fruit smoothies and munching avocado on toast.  So impressed we found some healthy treats at the music festival! Us fitty’s definitely know where to track it down – like some sort of healthy sniffer dogs!? Then obviously we found more….FOOD! Hooray. It was on for a taster meal at ‘The Wild Oyster’ Restaurant. There we hooked up with the whole Roxy and Quicksilver team and talked all things awesome over a glam 7 course taster meal with fish and wine, and more fish and more wine! It was so nice. The sun was shining, the vibe was amazing.

Then we went for surfing lessons on Fistral Beach with the whole team. When you’re surrounded by incredible, inspiring fitfam you get taken away in the moment. I had the BEST time topping up my surfing knowledge and riding the waves of Fistral. Our instructors were so good, they watched what we did individually then advised how we could get better. Exactly what I needed! Obviously we were decked out in the coolest Roxy wetsuits too. I couldn’t actually believe how comfy mine was, having fought daily with some God awful rental (NON Roxy) one I had when we were surfing in Portugal last month! It was great to see everyone up on the waves. Some more than others…mainly my total bad ass surfer pro friend Sophie Everard (aka Sophie Mad to Live) showing us just how it’s done!

Roxy x Boardmasters | Ph. Megan Hemsworth

Roxy’s Ocean Front Showroom

After we freshened up from the surf we head to the Roxy showroom at Fistral beach – what a showroom! We all drooled at the Roxy gear whilst watching the most incredible sunset and munched rockin’ pizza. As I say…absolute MAGIC!

Night Delights

Then it was back to the festival and time to get stuck into the music! We sang our socks of to Jamiroquai, we sipped on Espresso Martinis (which were for the record incred!) and danced long into the night – not forgetting those fun fair rides en route back to the tent. Truly an action packed, Roxy style day of fun at Boardmasters!

Roxy x Boardmasters | Ph. Shelton Woolright


Boardmasters Day 3

Roxy x Boardmasters | Ph. Megan Hemsworth

What?! It was almost home time already?! SAD. We spent the morning with brekkie on the bus and epic yoga on the cliff with Em (now a firm favourite thing to do!) Please can we carry this on back home!? Then I went for one last surf with Sophie and our fellow Quicksilver friend Leon Bustin (from TheLeanMachinesOfficial). Before saying our sad goodbyes to our Roxy/Quiksilver squad. How can you feel like you’re so close to people you met a couple of days ago? Amazing what fitness can do ey!?

We honestly had an absolute blast and could not have been looked after better. The question is…when is the reunion and where are we going next for another stoke fuelled adventure!?

Thank you to Roxy for having me. Make sure you check out their incredible new collection. I want everything! I will for sure be channelling those sweet sweet festival vibes in my new favourite ensemble my Ms Brightside – Long Sleeve Top & matchy matchy Speed Of Sound – Maxi Skirt for as long as possible – endless summer n all no!?

Till the next adventure….

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x



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