Permission to Chill

Question….When did you last actually give yourself permission to chill?!

Amy Hopkinson (@wellness_ed) of Women’s Health hit it on the head for me in her Instagram post about “Managing Stress with Meditation.” As she states: “being super busy isn’t a modern badge of honour” she tells of how she discovered the true cost to her body of working hard, working out harder and never putting our phones down and how she’s managing this through mindfulness practices in her blog post. Before I saw any comments on that post I knew countless people would be able to resonate. The burn out problem in this day and age is REAL. Burn out isn’t just something that happens to other people who can’t “cope”. It happens to real people like you and me! It’s time we listened to that. When did work become more important than play? Than relationships? Than happiness? Than living life?

Give Yourself the Permission Your Body Needs

The glamorisation of “being busy” with work has meant that as a society we keep pushing ourselves to burn out, working all hours of the day, 24:7. The likes of social media only making this worse. I constantly find myself saying to people I’m “mad hectic” with work and everything else under the sun, that weekends and home downtime aren’t “really a thing”. In reality it’s not just me who does this to my poor body (and mind!). Sooner or later somethings got to give. Here’s me openly giving myself (and YOURSELF!) permission to chill the F out!

When you think about it, by making yourself LESS busy, being strict with down time and mindfulness, you actually make yourself MORE productive. I know that’s the case for me for sure. Focussing on the task at hand vs multitasking everything else badly. Less is MORE.

Having had no “real” downtime since my wedding last year in August I’m taking a 2 week solid break away with my hubby. I tossed and turned with the idea of going away for so long, about taking my laptop, but I’m saying a big fat NO to “mad hectic”, and a big fat YES to limiting my phone use, YES to mindfulness, and YES to spending quality time with my favourite human. Give yourself permission to chill!

The Global Office

I’m so so lucky to be able to travel as part of my work. Its one of my favourite parts of my job. The problem with this however is that people assume I’m always on “holiday”. In reality I haven’t had any real time off, away, to myself, away from work demands for a really long time (and I’m not the only one with this!). The real life rarely meets up to the glamour of instagram posts, which are small moments in an otherwise extremely hectic schedule. As influencers I believe it’s our responsibility to make people aware of this. I adore my job and would do nothing else.

I am so so fortunate (and grateful) to have found something I love to do; helping people and traveling alongside it – it’s literally the dream job. However, a little bit of R’n’R is without a shadow of a doubt in order! My breakdown to my Mum having had 2 hours sleep most nights last week was the alarm bell I needed to sort my poor little bod out! I know I’m not alone in this, so this is my call to you guys to slow it down if you’re feeling the same way. No one will judge you for taking time out, in fact they’ll probably tell you that’s exactly what you need! No judgement. No need to “prove you work hard”, people already know that. This is for you.  You tuning into your body and its needs.

By being self employed and working “out of office” you actually encounter new problems of the “world being your office”. Absolutely it’s a luxury to have, but also a detriment at times. The inability to switch off is a problem most of us face, regardless of office or “global office” jobs.

Out of Global Office: On

Here is my out of global office switching ON. See you in 2 weeks team! Your body and your happiness is by far the greatest reward you have to gain from switching off, let’s disconnect to reconnect and get unbusy for once. Whose with me?


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