TwoToned Adidas Studio Takeover

You may have noticed in my training a certain wonder women called Tara Margulies tends to pop up quite a bit. We come together to form “TwoToned” teaching and training everything functional, sweaty and yoga! All week Tara and I are taking over the Adidas London Studio in Brick Lane and we would love you to come and kick some serious butt with us in class!

We will be hosting 8 classes in total at the 152 Brick Lane studio   Expect a fusion of movement, HIIT, some yoga and lots of fun!

Schedule as follows…

Tues 7.00, 18.30, 19.30
Thurs 18.30, 19.30
Fri 18.30
Sat 10.00, 11.00

You can sign up via messenger on the adidas Women Facebook page 👊🏼Who’s coming to train with us? We’d absolutely love to see you there. Sorry fellas this ones girls only!

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x


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