It’s All In Your Head

And so goes another Bank Holiday filled with fun, frolicks and perhaps some sense of “all over the placeness”. Or maybe you used your bank holiday weekend to chill, unwind and slow down the goings on in your world. Either way it’s pretty likely that your mind is already in over drive about that to do list for the shorter working week.

Have you factored in a little bit of extra time and love for your mind? If you’re anything like me then probably not. Just 5-10 minutes of meditation in your day can have a hugely beneficially effect on your mindset and thereafter daily activity. You can read more on the benefits of meditation on my recent post: 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Meditating. By stilling the mind we allow focus and clarity to prevail. We learn to filter out the every day chitter chatter and focus on being conscious in the present moment. Ask yourself, when are you really ‘there’, in the moment? Not thinking at a million miles an hour. Just living in the now. Meditation doesn’t have to be made out to be some huge big deal (which I’m certainly guilty of). It’s simply taking a few minutes and really what is simply setting your alarm 5 minutes earlier? Or taking that tiny but mighty slice of sanctity in your otherwise mad working day? To ensure that your mind can reset and refocus.

But Where to Start?

If you’re new to meditation I’ve found the Headspace app (available on iTunes) a particularly useful starting point. Especially for those new to meditation. For me it’s a great tool to re-familiarise myself with the practice of meditation. It helps to very newbies and long standing meditators alike to gradually bring in the idea of “taking 10” out of your day on a regular basis. As founder Andy states: “Meditation is surprisingly straight-forward. It’s our expectations and preconceptions of it that make it complicated.” Download the app and get going today!

What to Expect If Your a Newbie

On my yoga course we did 90 mins a day of meditation in the morning for a whole month so although I’m by no means a pro I’ve had a bit of experience. I also did nothing of the sort before hand so I know what it’s like to be a newbie at it. Here’s my key take homes that I learnt from my experience….

  1. I learned that it can be uncomfortable at first but it slowly gets better.
  2. That the mind will wander but with practice this can be channeled into a path that will serve you.
  3. If your like me and find that you get pins and needles sitting in a crossed legged position you can always heighten your seat on a a block (or two if you’re like me!) or a cushion. This will help the blood flow to your extremities.
  4. Another useful place to start is finding a place where you can regularly go to sit – it doesn’t have to be silent but it helps if it’s quiet-ish. It also helps if it can be the same spot each time you go to meditate. That can help with your focus.
  5. It also helps to meditate at the beginning of your day before the mind get overloaded with thoughts and information. Start with a small duration of time. Set an alarm if you’re worried you’ll over run.
  6. Use the Headspace app to help guide you through your practice if you’re just starting out
  7. Slowly start bringing it into your daily routine as much as you can. I guarantee your mind will thank you for it. Don’t overthink it, get out of your head and into your mind.

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People always ask me what was the most important thing I learned on my yoga course. Although there was such a vast amount of learning, one huge take home for me was the importance of meditation and breathing. So much more than just fancy postures! Sadly back into reality and into my crazy work schedule in London I have to admit that my breathing practices have slipped. I’m determined to get back to it. I know that as a person who can be frequently ‘all over the place’ in my mind and my day to day tasks I need that grounding to bring me back down to earth and allow me to be the best possible me. Prioritise your mind and the rest will follow. Join me in my quest to clear the mind and let the soul speak. See how you get on and let me know any questions and how you find it! I’d love to hear from you.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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