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Last weekend my husband and I had the pleasure of trying out new Battersea food and drink establishment TWID bar. TWID bar describes itself as a “Live Music Bar and Restaurant in the heart of Battersea offering great quality food and drink with superb Opera and Live Entertainment”. The following post aims to give an unbiased review of this hot new spot in Battersea town and advise on whether it’s worth visiting!

Indeed it was a very simple hop skip and jump from our home and a nice treat to venture outside our usual Clapham remit (while sneakily keeping our side of the river). I’d not long come back home (and down to reality!) from my Sri Lankan yogi training so it was the perfect excuse to go out and spend some time together after a long month apart.

Opera Performer Adele Bates


Date night it certainly was! From the get go we were treated to a wonderfully romantic atmosphere with some moody but scenic lighting. A welcoming greeting from the staff and we were happily on our way to our pre booked table. We were burrowed up and away into a gorgeous opera style booth overlooking the whole of the restaurant. The restaurant prides itself on its selection of live music – particularly opera so the operatic theme of the space is extremely fitting. Whilst we were in our little booth we could nestle away to our date night just the two of us all whilst being a part of the wonderful opera theatre. Very cleverly so, the management have provided tables with a “call” button. This proved a very useful little tool. It actually made me question why others restaurants aren’t doing this very thing (or maybe I’ve just not seen it!). Even if we weren’t high up in our booth it was a luxury to have everything we needed at a touch of a button. Probably quite demanding for the servers I could imagine, but a something that hugely benefitted our experience given our ability to have what we wanted when we wanted.

Up Close & Personal Opera

So to the operatic experience…Whilst we dined, we were pleasantly accompanied by a performance by Adele Bates. Such a charming lady, with the most incredible voice! I will be the first to admit that I’m not crazy about Opera itself. It’s always been a little lost on me (excuse my ignorance!) However, I know a darn good performer and singer when I hear one. Adele tread the wonderfully balanced line between performing for the restaurant and involving us individually in the whole grandeur of it all. I have seen acts like this happen before where they perform the whole time while you are eating. In some instances they can be fairly intrusive to space. Adele played a host of songs but had nice interludes between sets which allowed for our romantic date night to flourish. At times she was sitting at our table with us acting out the songs which was gorgeous to watch. However happily she didn’t linger too long to make it awkward either.

The ambience was such that we wanted to hang out in the restaurant long into the night. Not once were we hassled or rushed off of our table. As you can imagine it was the perfect setting for a couple of love birds like ourselves. However, it could just as easily be great for a night out with friends or family. The music bar aspect of the place in my opinion lends itself to a rockin’ night out no matter the audience. TWID bar also offers a DJ from 10pm so you can see where the night takes you and not worry too much about your next port of call.


The food was a nice mixture of tapas style fish, meat and vegetarian dishes. Even offering some wonderful vegan options as well – including yummy vegan desserts! Although I’m not a vegan I like the variety vegan dishes can bring. I also like the way they lend themselves in desserts to the use of more whole unprocessed food products.

SALMON TARTARE with Pickled Ginger, Wasabi, Avruga Caviar

We were pretty keen (and pretty hungry!) and ordered the following to share between the both of us:

For Mains

  • LAMB CUTLETS: Heritage Beets, Parsnip
  • SALMON TARTARE: Pickled Ginger, Wasabi, Avruga Caviar
  • COD: Jerusalem Artichoke, Serrano Ham
  • SCALLOPS: Kale, Raspberries, Hazelnuts
  • KIMCHI: Fermented Cabbage, Kale, Chilli Flakes
  • AUBERGINE: Goats Cheese, Walnuts
  • They recommend around 2-3 plates each
  • They also bring round some yummy warm bread to start

AUBERGINE: Goats Cheese, Walnuts


Genuinely my husband and I thought the standard of food was very good. The food was cooked to precision. The lamb was beautifully medium rare, the scallops weren’t rubbery. There was also such a nice mix of ingredients put together in a thoughtful and delicious way. Each dish presented wonderfully. The raspberry and scallops was quite a bold pairing – I personally found it a little odd but that’s complete personal preference. It also wasn’t coated with them so I easily saw my way around it without them. It was nice to think that the dishes were made with actually healthy produce. It’s so easy to go out for dinner and completely get over indulged in high carb white processed foods and be able to taste the excessive use of butter, cream, salts and sugars. I whole heartedly believe that the cooking done at this restaurant refrains from this excess. It’s quite refreshing to see.

For Dessert


We were nicely full from our mains. Not too full but a happily satisfied appetite. Not one to turn down a dessert I further delved into the desserts. Both were again gorgeously presented and delicious in taste.


Salted Caramel Cake

What We Drank

A simple mixer to start followed by a shared bottle of red wine (the PINOT NOIR, DOMAINE DE VALMOISSINE). Whilst we enjoyed our drinks there wasn’t particularly anything to write home about. A simple supplement to a beautifully cooked meal. In the future they could perhaps refine their selections and maybe offer a more exciting selection of cocktails. Upon reading the cocktail menu neither of us were particularly drawn to any of the offerings – again this might be personal choice.


The service absolutely could not be faltered. From the moment we stepped into the restaurant the staff did anything they could to make our experience the best they could. We were made to feel welcome and nothing was too much trouble to ask. The food came quickly and efficiently with no qualms. They advised the amount of dishes and any particular favourites. There was no snooty-ness about it.


The location is a bit of an odd one. It’s at Battersea Reach which is in between Wandsworth and Clapham kind of area. Great if you’re like me and South/South West London based – a little trickier if you’re further afield. It was one that for us was a very simple, quick and easy Uber ride to from our home. I wonder how easy it would be for someone trying to get to it from further out. The surrounding area is begging for a place like TWID to bring more community and the locals a place to hang out in. Nearby lacks really anything of the sort. Although Wandsworth and Clapham provide ample entertainment value which are easy to reach nearby. We found it very easy to potter down to nearby Wandsworth town to continue our night. We left before the DJ set started at TWID as we had dinner relatively early. We continued our night at the Ship pub by the river in Wandsworth which happened to be pretty buzzing around the time we finished.

The perfect date night – or any other night for that matter!


All in all I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this place. We will be going back again soon either for another lovely date night or taking our friends. We loved the evening we had there. The food was of a wonderfully high standard, the atmosphere and service on point and the opera performance a fabulous addition to the night. Best of all they don’t completely rip you off for all the fabulous offerings. Prices are fair and provide more than reasonable value for money. TWID bar we were very impressed and were completely taken aback by your novel atmosphere and delicious cuisine!

If you happen to be around Battersea – check it out! More information available at:

Till next time have a wonderful four day week – hooray! Happy Easter team.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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