Why Yoga Teacher Training?

As they say when one door closes, another opens. My closed door was in the form of my London Marathon hopes for this year (sad)! The open door is in the shape of my yoga teacher training qualification – another of my resolutions for the year. The tree that bends doesn’t break! Instead of allowing the disappointment of the marathon to get me down and comprise my goals for the rest of the year I have instead chosen to adapt to the changing environment and tackle my next goals. I have always wanted to do my yoga teacher training and for me the timing couldn’t be any better than now to do it. So on Friday (3rd March) I will be heading my happy yogi way to Sri Lanka for a months intensive 200 hour yoga teacher training (YTT). All the the excitable EEKS! How exciting / scary / mostly exciting!

For the past 3 or 4 years I have constantly had the same thought in my head…’one day I’ll do my yoga teacher training’, ‘oh I can’t wait to do that one day’, ‘one day’. Right now I couldn’t be more ready for that “one day” and I’m so happy that my “one day” has come! My body absolutely needs a rest from the high impact, high intensity, body slamming, crazy mad hectic training and teaching schedule I currently do. My body, mind and spirit yearns for what yoga brings; healing, happiness, grounding.

Yoga has been something in my life that I have found a wonderful source of constant support. Whether I’m going through highs or lows, wherever I am in the world it has always been there for me. When I immerse myself on my mat, it heals me, it strengthens me, it brings me to my happy place. So what a wonderful thing that I could extend the reach of my personal training and strength and conditioning teaching to encompass yoga? That I can bring that to others.  That I can further my own knowledge of my own practice. Yoga for me is another way that you can look after your body, listen to your body, heal your body. I can think of no greater string to add to my bow of knowledge of the human body.

In order to be accepted on my yoga teacher training course I had to answer questions as to why I am doing it to see my appropriateness. Luckily I was accepted on to the Quantum Yoga TT with one of my favourite yoga teachers – Caroline Graham-Wood! The interview questions were a a wonderful way for me to really think about the reasonings behind doing the YTT. I thought it would be nice to share this. I will be keeping a diary throughout my experience. I have no doubt that this will be one of the most challenging experiences of my life but I’m ready to take on that challenge….Here’s my motives behind the training….

How long have you been practicing yoga? Do you self practice? What got you into it?

I have been practicing yoga for around 6 years now. More regularly so in the last 4 years. I first got into yoga when I was about 14 years old; I used to go with my Mum. I was at work experience with her company and we would go to the lunch time yoga sessions. I have always been extremely sporty and yoga has always been a wonderful complement to my training and to my life outside of sport. I self practice quite a bit.

Why do you practice yoga? What does yoga mean to you?

I practice yoga to keep me grounded. I (like everyone else) have gone through lots of changes in my life, university / work / living and travelling in different countries. Yoga has always been the thing that has kept me grounded and bought me happiness and peace. I’m a better person with yoga in my life. My overall well being mind, body and spirit and positive outlook on life has without a doubt been down to my yoga practice. Bad day or good I always feel more rounded, balanced, more whole and happy when I’ve been on my mat. Not only mentally does yoga serve a huge purpose in my life but physically. My job as a personal trainer, strength and conditioning fitness instructor and fitness model all place huge demands on my body. Yoga provides the rest bite and muscle balance my body needs to perform functionally.

What do you want out of the course? Why are you doing it? Motives, objectives, expectations.

I have been wanting to do this course for a while now for many reasons:

Personally – I feel it will further my own knowledge of the practice. That it will serve as so much more than just the physical practice. That it will help me to find myself. The real, true me, one full of happiness, love and lust for life!
Career – Whilst I’m not sure that right now my ultimate goal is to translate completely over from the personal training and strength teaching, I know that my study of the practice will help me in these avenues. I would like to think that one day I could be a great yoga teacher. As well as providing help to one on one clients and friends.
Physically – I want to open my body up. See what it is capable of. I’m already pretty familiar with my body in terms of my training. I can’t wait to see where else I can take it in the form of my yoga practice.
I expect that it will be one of the most challenging things I have had to do so far. Away from home comforts. With new people. Mental, physical challenges. However, whilst I know this, I also know I crave that challenge and thrive off these things, off other people. I love to learn. I love to broaden my horizons, look at things a little differently so I can’t wait for the challenge ahead!

What do you think you need to invest in order to achieve that?

Total whole hearted commitment, dedication and focus. I want to immerse myself entirely in everything that yoga has to offer me. This means training hard. Studying hard. No distractions – which is why Sri Lanka is the perfect place to do it!

What do you think will be most challenging for you? What are the usual stumbling blocks? What seems most daunting?

Although I’ve spent a lot of time away from home before (including trips alone), I have recently been away from home for a few weeks and know this is again more time away. I will miss my (newly wedded!) husband and family.
I also know that sometimes I lack confidence in my own abilities and I have let that hold me back before. I never really think I’m good enough, which is kind of sad! The challenge will be to step away from that. Trust myself. Trust the practice and trust my body.

Have you got any teaching experience?

Not in yoga specifically but I have taught strength and conditioning / high intensity type classes for a couple of years now. I currently teach at Method Movement and Equinox (which is how I know Caroline!)

Where will the course lead you? How do you visualise yourself in one year? In 2 years? In 5 years?

I think this course will open many doors for me, in mind, body and soul. Quite honestly I can’t wait to see how, its not necessarily something I feel like I know right now. I can imagine it will open up a whole new world of thinking!
It would also hopefully lead me to more opportunities in work. I would like to think that it will transcend into my training career. That I could travel the world doing what I love which is helping people to keep their bodies and minds happy and healthy.


So there you have it, for now I’m off to beautiful Sri Lanka! Wish this yogi bunny good luck! I’m open and ready for whatever wonderful (and not so wonderful) experiences it brings. Stay tuned to see how I get on…

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x



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