Why join a run club? 

Hey guys, so as some of you may or may not have seen, I have just come back from a pretty epic running trip in San Francisco with my fave’s at Adidas. They took myself along with 3 other influencers from the UK all the way to the West Coast for a chance to trial their new UltraBoostX running shoes. Us, along with 100 other female influencers from across the world had the time of our lives running our little socks off. I can’t wait to show you what we got up to. All to be revealed in one of my first Vlogs for my YouTube channel! Stay tuned for mine and Tara Margulies (aka TwoToned) YouTube channel launch tomorrow!

What the trip got me thinking about is the incredible community that running brings. If I’m being completely honest the idea of running in some sort of group or club wouldn’t have appealed to me in the past. I was always in the mindset that running is a solitary sport. That you go out alone, buckle under your headphones and just go. I’ve realised in the past year or so of running and training with my running team at Adidas Runners London just how wrong I was.

Here’s my top 5 reasons why you should seriously consider joining a run club…

1) Find Your Tribe & Love Them Hard 

Nothing can quite push you as much as having someone by your side mile in mile out. Don’t get me wrong you’ve got to find someone of a similar ability to you otherwise it can get pretty unfun -no one wants to run with a “plodder” or get run rings around them by speedy gonzalez(ez!?). That can work quite the opposite for motivation. But once you find a running buddy (or many buddies in a run club!) who run a similar pace to yours they will be golden to your training. You won’t stop when your mind and body says quit. They’ll be by your side spurring you on. The feeling you get from running together as a combined human force is enough to push you through your toughest runs. They aren’t quitting so why should you?

2) Run Alone You’ll Go Fast, Run Together You’ll Go Far

Yes alone you will go fast, you will be driven…BUT it’s when those longer, tougher miles really start to hit that the run club comes into its own. They’ll pace you so don’t bolt out too fast at the beginning and they’ll make sure you hit those long distances in the end. Skip a long run session, I don’t think so? Not with these guys in town!



3) Broaden Your Knowledge

Not only will you have way more fun as a team, you’ll also broaden your skills and knowledge base. This counts for any training – period. We can ALWAYS learn new things. Go looking for knowledge. Speak to those who know more about running or training than you do. The likelihood is that you would have probably gone through the same things. What you’re thinking they might be. You might have an injury they’ve encountered that they can help with. Maybe they’ve run the race your training for. They can motivate you towards new goals, new ideas!  Open yourself up for that learning. You’ll improve your running without a shadow of a doubt.



4) Share the Experience

For me half the fun of traveling somewhere, experiencing a class, experiencing that all kinds of awesome run is who you share it with. Yes the wonders of photos mean you can get the gist but theres something that extra special about going the distance together. As a run team you can collectively share how far you’ve come.

5) Accountability

Run alone; you can whole heartedly “cop out” / slack off / lose focus / lose dedication. With a team? No chance. You won’t have the option but to keep the pace. You have to answer to someone. You’re far more likely not to run if you’re the only one who knows about it. A run club that expects you to come, has got used to your friendly face, who depends on you to support them as much as you do them. And just guess whose going to be alongside you clocking your run times? Fastest mile? Oh yes they will be. Now you’re a runner. Now you’re “with the run club”. Cross the finish line alone, but with a whole team behind you that got you there. From personal experience I can think of no greater feeling.



Find out more about the Adidas Running club I run with and their training sessions below. Turn up and feel the power for yourself! Now go get on that runners high.
Till next time…

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x




In preparation for races (and just for the love of running) Adidas are putting on running clubs across the globe. Mine is the London based team. Each week there are runs available of short, medium and (more recently for marathon prep) long distance. Run’s comprise of different types of running training. Stay up to date with all the run club info by liking the Adidas Runners London Facebook page.


If you’re a women even better for you, not only can you get involved in the run clubs but also in the incredible new (women’s only!) studio in Brick Lane. Each week there will be studio sessions including HIIT, pilates and running based training. To find out more about the adidas Studio LDN or sign up to a session, you can head to the adidas Women’s Facebook messenger with this link – https://m.me/adidaswomenUK/ A new schedule is released every Sunday and includes runs as well as workout sessions in the studio.


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