5 Top Tips for Beating Blue Monday


Hey guys,

Blue Monday?! No thank you! HAPPY Monday friends! Historically today is meant to be one of the most depressive days of the year, I say…SWITCH IT UP! & just to make a point let’s make it the EXACT OPPOSITE of that. Let’s make it your most feisty, most powerful Monday yet. It’s not the day, or the month, or the weather that matters. It’s YOU, your mindset and your attitude that matters.

Here’s my top 5 tips for beating ‘Blue Monday’

  1. Don’t even think about think about it! It’s a day like every other day. Monday’s are awesome for getting that fresh spark of energy & focus to set you up for your week!
  2. Get a workout in – no excuses, I don’t mind what you do just get it done – exercise endorphins are your friend!
  3. Set your positive mindset from the minute you get up. If you think crappy, you’ll feel crappy. Positivity breeds positivity. Positive vibes, positive lives.
  4. Wear your favourite getup to the gym – I’m doing my brightest most badass kit today to give me that extra kick – you’ll be surprised how much it helps.
  5. Pump some banging beats – nothing brings the vibe like a set of cracking tunes. Turn the up & get your Monday POPPING. Check out my spotify for some great workout tuneage!


Now go have a SUPER Monday and show Blue Monday the door! Happy new week team – lets go smash our week.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


Photo: Max Oppenheim

Location: BLOK London

Outfit: Adidas UK Leggings & Sports Bra




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