Jump On It!

Who’s short on time? Most people will say yes to this! Who needs a hot and sweaty workout fix that’s cheap as chips & ultra efficient? Also likely your answer is YES (if not you can stop reading now!) I certainly do! Enter the jump rope:

Have you seen the shape of all of those bad ass boxers? They skip right? But why? Here’s 5 reasons why you should think about integrating skipping in your workouts:
  1. FAT BURN: It packs a complete total body conditioning punch – especially when done with intervals. Your humble jump rope will help you to get much higher muscle activation and recruit more muscle fibers for both upper and lower body.
  2. TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE: Athletes are lean mean machines, take a leaf out of their book and work on your coordination, footwork, quickness, hand speed, agility, rhythm, and even power with skipping.
  3. EFFICIENT: Its extremely cost & time effective. Sweat & calories per £ spent on that nifty little rope is sky high. It’s the quickest, most effective form of cardio. Just doing five minutes (depending on how fast you jump), can be equivalent to running a mile.
  4. FUN: It mixes up your workout and is great bit of challenging fun to integrate into your training.
  5. IT’S FOR EVERYONE: It works for all fitness levels, whether your a total newbie or an avid gym bunny the jump rope never stops being challenging.
For my keen bean jump rope-(ers!?) Here’s a hot and sweaty skip session you can do in 15mins flat, and you will definitely feel the burn. Do it when you’re short on time or integrate it with your own workouts.
If you’re new to skipping, PRACTICE and just have fun with it. It takes time, energy and commitment, but I promise it will come. Warm up and cool down is a MUST. Check out full video on my insta: @kimhartwell
  1. Cross Overs 45 secs | Steady Skipping 15 secs x 3-5 rounds, 1 min rest before moving to (#2)
  2. Double Unders 45 secs | Steady Skipping 15 secs x 3-5 rounds, 1 min rest before moving to (#3)
  3. High Knees 45 secs on | Steady skipping 15 secs x 3-5 rounds, 1 min rest before moving to (#4)
  4. Criss Cross 45 secs on | Steady skipping 15 secs x 3-5 rounds
Have fun! You can also check out my blog on 5 Steps to Skipping Success to help you nail that jump rope training! Have a great week team!
Sending health & happiness,
Kim x

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