KIN Retreats: Part 2

So I survived! Somehow I am back on home turf after a very intense week of training with KIN retreats in Ibiza. As promised, here’s the rest of what we got up to in the last half of the retreat….

IMG_5369.JPGDay 5 – Thursday

Ok day 5. We’re under no false pretences….we’re definitely back “in the game!” One early morning wake up call in the form of a barley grass shot (not the tastiest thing I’ve ever had) before we’re straight out for beach bootcamp training. Beach bootcamp was slightly different this time. It was spiced up to the max by splitting us into teams. Losers go in the sea (hey could be worse, we’re in Ibiza, but the weather isn’t all fine and dandy so there’s some sort of threat there). It is also fairly obvious by now that we are all extremely (read:fiercely) competitive! Hence, beach training got that whole lot spicier…
A nice game of sandy stuck in the mud and some partner workouts and we were warm and raring to go for the competition! 7 rounds of strong competitive fitness fun. We relay, we bear crawl, we drag sand bags, we piggy back, all in good fun, but secretly pushing our limits to beat the other team. We finally battle it out with a game of tug of war. We’re so evenly matched in terms of strength the rope stays still for an inordinate amount of time. We’re just about to believe it will never cave in and then our team buckles under the pressure. As we were in front running for the rest of the time we agree we should all take the punishment dip – fully clothed. What do you know….it’s actually pretty darn lovely once you’re in! We finish our workout with a good old splashing before heading back to the villa for breakfast in the form of eggs, smoked salmon and toast.
Again, no rest for the wicked we’re soon into our last dose of HIIT training. Another strength circuit including boxing, kettlebells, battle ropes and sand bags aplenty. The sun was fully out by now so we sure got one fiery hit of the sweaty stuff. It wasn’t long before lunch. A small break and then some core intensive pilates (which I will be the first to admit is my least favourite way to exercise but I know it’s great for me and that I should probably dedicate more time to it). The last of our training was one of my favourite things to do – YIN yoga. Peaceful, restful, stretch-tastic yin. We were surrounded by gorgeous candles and our wonderful ‘KIN community’, safe in the knowledge that we’d push our bodies to the max today and earned our rest time. After we had a delicious healthy lentil curry followed by a wonderful sushi cooking demonstration.

Day 6 – FridayIMG_3586.JPG

Friday, our last full day of the retreat. This was probably one of my favourite days. Although we didn’t have any specifically “hot and sweaty in your face” type classes planned we did have a rather large hike! Me being rather short sighted saw this as a jolly old walk in the park. It was defo NOT that! 12km of fast paced, rock ascending, trunk avoiding hiking later! Our hiking guide entertained us with all sorts of fun stories along the way. Like the the spot where Noel Gallagher had apparently bought a house and got annoyed with the boat constantly blocking his view of the sea, before being told that it was actually his boat that had come with the purchase of the house! As well as the funny stories it was so nice to have a local that could navigate us the best way up and down the rocks of the Ibiza coast.
Screen Shot 2016-10-23 at 19.23.23.png
The fruit of our labours were well and truly rewarded with the views of Elvissa rock and a secluded beach all to ourselves. Although I wouldn’t automatically couple hiking with an intense workout, this one was pretty fiesty. Lots of unlevel ground, a speedy pace and some hefty elevation made our hike challenging but enjoyable. We certainly got a sweat on and what was great was that we got to do sightseeing all at the same time. We worked out, but it didn’t feel like a workout. The hike took a good 4 hours. By the time we were home we warmly welcomed a bit of downtime before our final supper. Knowing that it’s Kyle and Kelly’s (Mr & Mrs Kin) favourite restaurant for dinner tonight and that we’re ‘allowed’ to have what we want we all get our tums ready for some hard earned food fuel. My fuel of choice….STEAK! Dreamy. The night was fun filled but not particularly party fuelled. It was nice to hang out with those that we’ve come to call our “KIN family” now. I’m sure (and hope) this isn’t the last we see of them!

Day 7 – Saturday

And then that was us done. Some quick breakfast in the morning, a progress shot and we were on our way home.

Reflections of the Week

As promised, my progress shots before and after are below….




OK so truth bomb….lighting / stance / time / water / time we ate breakfast / the cheat meal dinner along with a whole other host of factors (that will be explored in a later post, stay tuned!) mean you can’t actually see a whole lot of difference from shot before and after (shock, horror!). Trust me, it’s all good! What I can tell you is this….  By taking myself away and placing myself within such a supportive fitness environment I managed to reap wonderful rewards such as this, I….
  • Managed to refocus on my goals. My summer has been nothing short of madness, I’m now completely confident that I am well and truely back on the fitness train. Yes, this was a result of my refocus when I got back from honeymoon, but the retreat has completely solidified this.
  • Built a whole new network of #fitfam-ers who will only ever serve to further my knowledge depth of the health and fitness world. Who I will also be signing up for any and all classes along side of as they are absolutely warriors that I would chose as my fellow motivator any day!
  • Learned new ways to exercise like tantric yoga / hiking / just how tricky beach bootcamp is!
  • Learned new skills like those learned in our handstand classes
  • Learned new recipes and ways to eat from the wonderful food provided by Simon from “CookingSleepingIbiza”
  • Learned just how far I can push myself in terms of the pure workload of exercise we achieved on the retreat. Countless strength/cardio sessions back to back.
  • Reignited my love of trial running, one of my favourite activities was running around our villa. I love just getting out in the open, in nature, running free and will certainly endeavour to do much more than this as a result.
  • The power of team work to achieve a common goal.


All of the above examples are not small things. They all serve to make me a more rounded, better athlete and for that I am grateful to our wonderful retreaters and trainers alike. Till next time I am London bound!…I am back live and ready for butt kicking!! Your guys turn next…. 😉
Sending health & happiness,
Kim x
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