KIN Retreat Life: Part 1

So I’m coming to you four days into our ‘In The Kin’ fitness retreat. I promised to fill you in on our adventures so here it goes….how do I feel? Well…pretty darn shattered if I’m honest. For a girl that spends her entire life living in the land of sweat, the ante has definitely been upped. Back home my usual fitness regime looks a little something like this…I train probably anywhere between 3 to 5 times a week mixing strength, cardio and flexibility training. This is usually in the form of HIIT sessions, running, strength training and yoga. This coupled with the fact that I teach a lot of classes and cycle to work everyday means generally I don’t really stop moving in the day. I balance this out by eating enough food to sustain my energy throughout the day.

Now take my usual regime and turn it completely on it’s head and pop me into a fitness retreat in Ibiza. Of course, by the very name of it we sweat (like next level sweat) but we spend at least double the amount of time sweating per day than I usually would at home. Then there’s the nutrition. When your nutrition is carefully monitored and controlled it brings a whole new element to your training.  All of your workouts, food, protein shakes and hydration is all sorted for you. No thinking and planning necessary. The only thing you control is turning up and showing up to your workouts.

We’re currently on our rest day. My goodness we’ve earned it. We’re lucky enough to be with wonderful people (a whole #fitfam of 13 strong) in a villa together in Ibiza. As you’d imagine we’re a bunch of likeminded fitness enthusiasts. It also so happens a few of them are my very good friends/fellow trainers (Tara/Char/Katie) and you can’t forget the infamous Mr and Mrs Marguilies (Tara’s parents). Having that incredible social support in the form of our retreat community has proved invaluable for our motivation along the way. Our first 3 days looked a little something like this….


Day 1 – Sunday

Having reached our villa in the pitch black Saturday night it was wonderful to wake up to sunny skies and a view of our beautiful pool and villa. Me and my roomie Katie have also realised that we are going to get “ULTRA” close this week as we are sharing a double bed and open shower/toilet situation. Fun and games. Luckily we like each other quite a bit already! Nothing like getting to know someone up reeaaaaal close and personal hey?! Lol.


Our retreat starts by us all getting measured up. I find out that I have a metabolic age of a 13 year old – hurrah! I’m thinking that’s a positive thing given that I am more than double that age.  We also take progress shots. Here’s mine and Katie (my PT roomies). The retreat itself will be interesting for us; given that in our day jobs we’re already quite the sporty spices so we’re keen to find out how we get on.

We wake up around 7 – no such luxury of a lay in or chilling just yet. We were straight into training. First a mobility session on the astro turf of our villa with (our trainer and my best friend) Tara. It was a great session for opening up our hips and firing up our glutes and core before hitting our beach bootcamp session. The beach bootcamp involved beach running, relay drills, and HIIT exercises. Notably everything becomes about 1000% harder to do when you put sand into the mix. We run, we sink in the sand. We race each other, we sink in the sand. We high knee, we burpee, we sink in the sand (you get the picture). It’s a great way to add a whole new level of difficulty to the training.

This was just the beginning of our first day of our retreat. After the beach bootcamp we came back for breakfast. We had a mixture of berries, oats, coconut yoghurt and chia seeds. After some down time it wasn’t long before we were in for our second round of training. We ‘HIIT’ the astro turf once again for a HIIT and Core session with Tara and Char (our other trainer). Fair to say we were feeling pretty knackered by this point and definitely ready for lunch and an afternoon of chilling by the pool. Some healthy lunch and delicious KIN smoothies and we were soon ready to go for our sunset yoga. We saluted the sun on the roof of our gorgeous villa – pretty dreamy stuff. So as you can see our first day was pretty epic, and pretty tiring. We had dinner and pretty much hit the sack early doors.


Day 2 – Monday

We were up again with the stars (not actually crazy early this time of year, around 7 – but early for being in Ibiza). Our first workout was a 5km run around the area of our villa. It was a beautiful morning so it was so nice to get up and at ‘em. The route took us on trials with rocks, nature and wildlife. I love the challenge of running over rocks and tree stumps, you cant beat outdoor trial running if you ask me! It’s so fun and free. Our trainer Kyle kept a pretty speedy pace so we were pushed to our max. We sure earned our brekkie (again!)
After brekkie we went hiking. It was so great to get by the sea and climb some of the infamous Ibiza rocks. The plan was to go cliff diving but we took one look at the strength of the tide to realise that although it might not be such an issue jumping in, it certainly would be getting out! Better to save it (and my face from rock planting) until another time.
 After lunch back at the villa we chilled by the pool. Although this ‘chill’ was pretty short lived as it was time for our next round of HIIT training pretty darn quickly. The HIIT training was in the form of strength based circuits. As a HIIT trainer myself, I personally love this way to train. A mixture of functional movements, strength based upper and lower body moves, battle ropes, hammering tyres, hill sprints, you name it the lot. Mega intense? Yes. Mega fun? YES! After that we had yet another core based session. Then that was us done for training for the day, and we were feeling it!

Day 3 – Tuesday

The legs are sore. The arms are stiff. We’re feeling hungry no matter what we eat purely because of the intense amount of training we’re doing. Still we’re all in super high spirits. It’s a magical thing seeing people from all walks of life cheer each other on and push each other to be their best versions of themselves.
Tuesday (now yesterday) bought early morning ‘Fight Club’ which was so fun. I might be slightly biased as boxing’s my favourite way to workout. Fight Club was a mixture of some HIIT training and boxing pad work, all with a Rocky style soundtrack, which made for pretty fun times. The afternoon bought another boot camp style HIIT session on the astro turf. This time with a very cool difference….DJ Juan Corbi (who DJ’s at all the top Ibiza night spots) was there to keep the beats pumping us through our training. Here we had another super fun strength circuit. There was even more of a sense of fun to the air because it was one of the girls birthdays. We played a fun game of tag and stuck in the mud to get us warmed up. Followed by similar circuit training to Monday. The 19 birthday burpees post workout was a killer!
Later in the afternoon came our handstand workshop (from none other than my bestie and callisthenics queen Tara), lots of stretching and then some very interesting “Tantric Yoga” to finish the days training. I’m a keen spiritual bunny myself so I completely buy into those aspects of yoga. Others…may not have been so sold. Let’s just say it certainly got interesting when we had to partner up 😉
The day was finished with the most incredible surprise… Firstly, cake! Or the fitness retreat version of one anyway! – We’ve had zero desserts since we’ve arrived. “Cake” came in the form of dark chocolate coated with peanut butter (dreamy!) for the birthday girl (of which I had A LOT!). Then we had a surprise secret cinema pop up in the garden. We were treated to a big screen, huge bean bags, healthy popcorn and an epic film (‘Legend’). An incredible way to round off 3 hard days of training ready for our rest day tomorrow.

Day 4 – Wednesday

Fair to say we are all feeling the burn by now!!! Today we had a whole luxurious day of rest. We’ve spent the day stretching, chilling and exploring Ibiza Old Town. The weather hasn’t been amazing for the last day or so, hence we’re doing the chilled cafe vibes vs beaching it up! Great for resting up and getting prepared for the next half of our retreat. We’re excited to see what happens next!
Stay tuned for part 2 of our KIN fitness retreat coming later this week – including our final progress shots!  You can also check out exactly what we get up to on our workouts on my Instagram: @kimhartwell , Snapchat: @tonehwatyouown and Twitter: @kim_hartwell. More information on the retreat available at: KIN Retreats. Have a great week. Till next time….
Sending health & happiness,
Kim x

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