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Not long touched down in London town and I’m happily off on another fitness adventure. This time it comes in the form of my first fitness retreat. You may have heard a little about my training partner in crime Tara (OK that’s a lie I bang on about her A LOT!). Yeah that one!…Well she just so happens to be training me at the this retreat. Oh and my other good friend and all round fun fitty Charlotte Holmes. Take that, then take the fab and groovy couple Kyle and Kelly Maslen (read #fitnesscouplegoals /fitness /yogi buffs/nutrition/retreat extraordianaires) at the centre of KIN’s operations and that my friend is me GAME ON for a KIN health retreat in Ibiza.
You only have to look at the promo video to get all giddy and excited about taking that flight and yelling “Hey we’re going to Ibiza!” Ibiza is fun enough. Ibiza doing all things, everything fitness and eating nothing but pure (ridiculously delicious) healthy food and HECK YEAH I’m keen. Me and my lovely PT friend Katie Gray are going to Ibiza (insert obligatory “woop!”), but on the completely opposite end of the spectrum to the usual party gaggle. Will it be fun? 1000%! But there will in fact be no alcohol at all. Or junk food. Just good old fashioned sweat, sunshine and seaside. Like I said, I am SOLD!
The retreat couldn’t really come at a better time. The past few months have been mad to say the least, for one I got married (fairly busy stuff). And although I’ve managed to weave my way around travel/life event based fitness obstacles I have been somewhat out of kilter (weddings they do that to ya huh!?). I went from pre wedding fitness / life craziness (more on my pre wedding fitness regime in posts to come) to traveling the world, first the honeymoon (including the wedding that was about 3 weeks out of my usual routine), then my trip to Canada for my husbands 30th, then the trip to Bologna (of which I have literally just landed from) for my Technogym location photoshoot. All extremely wonderful, cool, ‘dam you are one lucky kipper to be privileged enough to experience’ these things, but all playing absolute havoc with my health and fitness regime that I so duely follow.
Anyone who knows me knows I’m first to order seconds. Followed by that ‘I couldn’t possibly’ turn down dessert and absolutely the last to order that bland salad – what can I say I’m just not that kinda gal. Food is pretty much my life. Maybe this mentality will be slightly shifted by my nutrition course I’ve just started (see later post on this) However, I do as a matter of my job (PT/instructor/fitness model) HAVE to maintain a certain level of athleticism, nutritional balance, lean-ess…stamina for my job. More than any of that though. That is ME. I love being the healthiest, happiest version of myself. My body strives for it. Yes as a result of my day job I feel these things, but even without my job. I love training. I love giving my body the nutrients that it needs to just plain right feel GREAT. It like many others, makes me a happier person. My body at it’s best. That’s just me.
Training has of course continued wherever possible but the lack of a stable gym environment will undoubtedly have some effect on the consistency of what get trained and how. If you need some help with how to keep as healthy as possible on the move, you can find my bodyweight workouts for ideas of how to keep fit on your travels here. You can also see my top travel health tips for how you can tone up your travel. Nutrition also inevitably takes the hit in those travels. Who am I to turn down an authentic Italian pizza, or pasta or gelato? That’s half the travel buzz for me. So with all 0f my prior travel frolicking this summer…a retreat is completely and utterly in order. Yum, yum, yes purleeeez sign me up.
So finally the date we get to fly off is here. I will be showing you through my socials and through my blog our fantastic journey throughout the week. Now I’m by no means under the impression that it’s going to be smooth sea sailing and some sort of non-alcohol fuelled jolly. In fact, we don’t actually know the ins and outs of our days but I’m fairly sure it includes at least 1 workout, 1 yoga session, amongst lots of other active based expeditions (in the ‘hopefully’ gorgeous – but oh so hot Spanish sunshine). It wouldn’t be quite be the ‘fitness retreat’ if we weren’t pushed out of our comfort zones and into fitness fuelled awesomeness. Yes to say the least I’m excited for my first retreat. Stay tuned to see what it entails. Wish me umm…luck I guess?! See you on the fitter side next week when I’ll be back in action in my classes and training in London.

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