A Week in the Life of a Model, Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor (Part II)

Day 4 – Yoga sur la plage! Shoot day 2 – lets go!

Yesterday (then Tuesday) was a pretty epic day of traveling. Stockholm to London. Kill a couple of hours or three at the airport. Fly from London to Marseille ready for my next location shoot. My long day of travelling all finished with a crescendo of a crazed French taxi driver taking me to my hotel in Marseille. He was driving to the beat of otherwise extremely relaxing jazz music but clearly on a death wish. I told him j’adore le musique – perhaps less j’adore the fact that I was sure he was trying to kill me en route. With hotel mix ups and tanning/hair expeditions aplenty, I was finally settled into my hotel for the a second shoot location. I got some well earned kip and started the day ready to shoot with Zakti Activewear (now Wednesday). I briefly know the team having cast (model terminology for auditioned) with a couple of them in London. Everyone is wrapped head to toe in ultra warm clothing – luckily I included. We all mentally prepare ourselves for what we have been told is to be a very cold, Kimmy semi-naked day out on the beach. What fun! Fortunately, we’re in luck, the sun is shining! Not getting too excited mind…it is still winter after all. A fresh 8 degrees celsius.

We head down to the beach, it felt cold, but not utterly miserable as I was expecting. The team are in high spirits. The beautiful scenery is enough to put a smile on anyones face. Our target is 8-10 “looks” for the day. For the unfamiliar “shooter” that seems pretty manageable. Factor in lighting changes, lens changes, finding ‘the’ shot, multiple angles, outfit changes in the crew van or any place we can find kind enough to let us borrow “les toilette’ and you see that’s actually a ton of shots to get done – and its definitely not all as glamorous as it appears! Usually on shoots the aim is around 6-8 looks. So we have our work cut out for us. We crack on. First up yoga outfits, later it’s all fun and games in bikini’s.


Marseille looking marvellous!

We actually manage to fly through the shots. Must because I’m such a great model 😉 (haha joke!) And thank God we did fly through them. The very kind and considerate crew of Zakti all the way from the art director to the photographer get that it’s freezing cold outside (contrary to what it looks like in the shots). It’s 8 degrees (tops) with a biting wind chill. The crew with their multiple layers feeling the chill were kindly very attentive to the fact that Kim, in her bikini clad get up would be freezing her bits off! Especially when I had to kick around in the extremely chilly sea!

For each look we would go for short and punchy rounds of shooting before quickly shoving me in Uggs, blankets and giant (oh so) beautifully cosy jackets! It’s (unsurprisingly) a big thing to try not to look cold in the shots – not a good look. This is something I’ve slowly learned how to endure and hopefully portray warm and fuzzy vibes in shots. With the looks rapidly being ticked off the list it wasn’t long before lunch time.

It was so nice to actually take in the scenery, and taste that infamous French seafood. I had the BEST sea bass dish. We were advised to trickle olive oil on the fish before eating it which is a nifty little trick. Super delicious! You could tell it was the the good and fresh stuff! I pretty much live for food so I alllllways get excited for lunchtimes on set. Especially when the food is this good. I’ve also been promised (if I’m very good and bash these last few semi-clad shots out) that I can have my oh so longed for French crepe. So with that in mind, I’m obviously on a mission to finish the shoot no matter how cold it gets and get my hands on the good stuff – forgetting the fact I did kinda just eat but you know…when in Francais!

A little more shooting, a lot more freezing and ta-dah we were done! I told the director she was my new favourite person on the planet – purely for the fact that she made allowances for pancake time into the shoot / travel schedule. We grabbed a crepe with the team. The standard Nutella was my go-to choice. Obviously epic.

Oh good, my mad taxi driver friend is back to take me to the airport! We (very rapidly) make our way to the airport. Then I’m soon on a plane home to London. I can’t wait to get back to my little London flat. Sadly my fiancee isn’t back quite yet but he will be soon. I’m actually really looking forward to getting back into my gym game. My schedule has been so full on I haven’t managed to squeeze a workout in. I haven’t worked out since Saturday, which might not be for some but is a pretty long time for me given that it’s Wednesday. Usually I don’t like to go any more than 2 days without a workout but needs must, such is life! In my head I know I’ll be back raring to go again in the gym tomorrow. Beating  myself up about not working out isn’t doing anyone any good.

On the plane home I grab my all important notepad and get planning for my classes and personal training sessions for the rest of the week. No rest for the wicked hey!? I’m excited to get back to my ‘other job’ having had a few days out of it. I land late Wednesday evening. The nature of the fitness industry is not on my side – oh silly hours you are not always my friend. No sooner do I land from my Marseille shoot, and coseying up to my bed at the stroke of midnight than I’m setting my alarm clock for 5.30am for teaching my early class…ouchy. Good job I love my job.


Day 5 – Home and back kicking people’s butts for a living   

So for those not particularly in the fitness training / teaching world (if you are soz to state the obvious!) ….the way these things work is that you’re either employed by a gym where you teach and personal train people. Or you freelance and go to many different gyms. With the modelling, personal training, teaching (and blogging!!) all sitting along side one another, it makes sense for me to freelance in different gyms. A natural part of this is that you inevitably end up moving around different studios at different points in your career.

My big new move was recently saying goodbye to teaching at Core Collective (even though I loved it so and will miss my regulars a ton!) and on to teaching my favourite HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) style classes at (for what to me as a I learnt in New York, I call “Gym Mecca”); Equinox. Having been teaching there for the past 2 weeks I’m slowly settling in and absolutely loving life teaching there. Clients are raring to go and take their fitness extremely seriously. Giving me that extra kick up the butt to be on my A game and continue to develop as trainer. I also get to make this (below!) insane place my little fitness home, extra bonus points my training partner (Tara) trains there too – winning!!


‘Gym Mecca’ – Equinox, High Street Kensington

First up I’m teaching my 7am class at Equinox called “Stacked!”. Completely my sort of in your face, in your space style of class that I love teaching. With a multitude of fitness ‘toys’ at your beck and call, we’re armed and ready to sweat by the bucket load. “Stacked!” as its called is an awesome structured HIIT class which uses pyramids of exercise to fatigue your muscles. I can’t wait to see some of my already regular clients and new faces a like.  A healthy 7am dose of HIIT training and we’re done.

The rest of the day I’m training myself (much needed after my break). I train with my training partner Tara as much as I can (God I’ve missed her – even if she does make me squat till I can’t feel my legs), and today we’re in training at Equinox. I’m back on home training turf, which means WE’RE back! Tara & I (aka #TwoToned) mixed up our strength training today with a full body workout. Back Squats for 7, 5 and 3 reps twice over, pull ups 7, 5, 3 twice over – we even had a cheeky bit of fun adding a weighted belt to the pull ups today – exciting! Add in a killer leg press finisher & we were Romeo DONE! It’s good to be back Blighty!

We  also have a great bit of banter with uber sporty Scott Ashley and Alex Nicoll we find also training at Equinox. They also happen to be on a double trouble type gym sesh. We helpfully assist them to add some more load to their leg presses. Making for a super fun workout all round. Especially for them! 😉


We finish up after an unusually luxurious hour and a half of training (we like to make our workouts short and punchy!) I sit down to a shake and a bit of work at the Equinox cafe before teaching the 12.30pm Tabata (also at Equinox). It felt great to be back. My classes kicked butt today!

Personal training clients are booked in for the rest of the afternoon at my PT clinic Eqvvs Personal Training so it’s on to them next. After that I’ll be teaching my 2 HIIT classes at Grace Belgravia (till 8.30pm)….wowser – a casual 15 hour day. Good job tomorrow is looking like its easing up (for now at least!). I’m very ready to see my boy and very ready for bed!

So with that, we are almost done with my week in the life of, I hope you’ve found it interesting! Stay tuned for the last of my week coming next up on the Tone What You Own blog.

Happy almost end of the week!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x





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