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Coming from (I believe) a very positive person…I can whole heartedly say…for me Tuesdays don’t generally get my heart racing. Probably quite a silly statement to make. Sure I have some killer ‘all kinds of awesome’ Tuesdays along the way. But…in general it’s not a day that completely enthrals me. It’s not a Monday – that big fresh new start for the week. Not Wednesday where you have that mid week kind of energy and the rest…well we all gotta love a bit of end of the week / weekend action right? What I will say is, Tuesday however, is a great day for training. Yes…you probably started the week off yesterday (ie. Monday) all guns blazing at the gym but guess what Tuesdays are also made for this stuff. So luckily for me and my semi sluggish Tuesday state of mind…Nike put on #TrainTuesdays. By being the keen bean that you are, you can sign up for the FREE (hooray!) training sessions in advance online at  and get yourself an (all inspiring) little workout fix ….but you’d better get in there quick, sessions get full in a matter of minutes.

Getting sweaty with NTC

So what can you expect? Nike Training Club (NTC) I’ve learnt is where the cool kid athletic types hang and train come rain or shine. Nike in their effortlessly cool style have rolled this movement out worldwide. So you’re part of a mass global movement whilst you get sweaty! You can either choose to take part in one of their organised community running clubs or in their HIIT style training sessions. My first experience of their HIIT training style sessions was when I was living in New York. I personally had the privilege of training with the Nike team on the roof of Niketown, 5th avenue. It was many people have the luxury of using a 5th avenue roof terrace as their training playground? Greeted by towering skyscrapers, you felt like you’re on top of the world – or on top of the big apple at least. Now with my feet firmly back on home turf in London it was time to explore what they had to offer this side of the pond. We may be short on densely populated skyscrapers but certainly not of our own little fitness fix.


NTC #TrainTuesdays @Nike Town London

Luckily Nike London did not disappoint. Rocking up super early doors with my Brit style fit fam (in the form of London Fitness Guide, Celia and my awesome training partner Tara) to Nike Town, Oxford Circus.  We were all feeling a little bleary eyed and half asleep. However, we were soon to be the exact opposite no thanks to kick ass Nike trainers Faisal and Tee. No sooner had we turned up to Nike Town were we out running the streets of Oxford Circus. A couple of rounds around the block, we were warm! We then went on the shop floor to get our Tuesday morning HIIT fix. Besides from the added bonus of eyeing up the shop eye candy with all the latest gear that we “need” in our workout world…we were hot and sweaty in no time.

What I’ve noticed that I really like about these types of events is the fitness community it brings. In this instance it was all girls. No competitive nasty streaks just girls as a team cheering each other on. Truly inspiring stuff. We did a mixture of partner exercises with resistance bands and dumbbells – (God those resistance bands sprints are mean!) But GREAT! Couple that with a ton of burpees and power jacks (think star jumps on speed!) and we were done, out of breathe and high on exercise endorphins. A wonderful start to a now seemingly wonderful Tuesday!

Source: Nike London Instagram

Source: Nike London Instagram

HIIT not your thaaaang? They also do the Nike Running clubs to up your running ante or use it just to give you a running buddy (or 20) to chat to! Whatever your fix, whether you’re after a circuit style bodyweight workout, just want some running coaching or use the two to complement one another (highly recommended). Nike has got you covered. So why not set your reminder to sign up? – before someone else snags your spot! See you Tuesday – I can assure you…you’ll be feeling “Better For It” FO SHO! 😉

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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