Resolving for the year – Not Just January!


Get focus and ready for your most awesome fitness year yet!

So the parties are over. The New Year has been brought in. Obligatory resolutions are rife and free flowing. The gyms are once again rammed with good intentions and people launching themselves into drastic new fitness resolutions. Sadly, this new fabulous burst of energy and urge to reach those goals slowly fades. It can soon lead to frustrations when big, awe inspiring resolutions don’t quite pick up the pace they were expected to. How can you make sure that those fitness resolutions keep their new year spirit all year long? As a personal trainer and seasoned gym goer here’s my top tips for grabbing your 2016 fitness goals by the balls!  

  1. Break it down – Drop 6 dress sizes. Stop drinking. Stop smoking. World peace…amazing. But these are all big big things to achieve. Break your goals down. So you want to get a bit fitter for 2016. How can you do that? What can you have as a short term goal that will help you achieve the longer term dream? What areas in particular would you like to improve? What measures can you take and actively take check of? Perhaps it’s going to the gym 2 to 3 times a week and keeping a fitness diary. Maybe its taking on a new fitness class. Maybe right now you feel like you can only run a lap around the block. Lets make it a little further each week. Lets pace ourselves so we don’t set out for a marathon, but for a mile. Much kinder on mind, body and spirit – and 100% on the road to success. The marathon will come, but first we have to grow and learn how to run before we can go further, faster, stronger. Earn your progression.
  2. Slow and steady wins the race – We all know we start out with these huge ideas and intentions. Only for them to fail at the first hurdle. Be realist. Set achievable goals. OK, so we want to be able to run for a little longer. Lets trying adding half a mile on that run. Or let’s run that shorter run a little bit faster. If you are working on something like running but barely make the block, then don’t beat yourself up when you can’t run 5 miles on your first try. “Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they worked on it every single day.” Consistency, focus and dedication will win the race. It will feel a lot nicer doing it too and when your there? That feeling will be better than any short cut out there. Be in it for the long haul.
  3. Shout about it!Be accountable for your goals. Let people know about your short and long term plans. By making people aware of what you want to achieve you’ll make yourself more accountable for success. Discuss what you want to do with people in the know. They can make the “How are you going to get there?” question a little easier.
  4. Set a timeframe. Do you have a certain date in mind that you’re aiming for? Maybe its a birthday, a wedding? Try to have something as a goal post, the light to aim for. It’s that much harder to keep focussed if you don’t have something to aim for. Fitness for ‘fitness-sake’ is not always the most motivating – especially on those cold dark mornings and nights. Perhaps sign up for a 10K race, triathlon, mud run. Whatever get’s you excited to go out and smash those goals!
  5. Above all else aim for happiness. Too often drastic goals and measures lead to being utterly miserable. Eat the cake. Have a glass of wine. Go for sustainable long term plans vs. the short term drastic measures. 80% of the time your ‘good’, healthy, focussed, 20% its ok to not be. Do whatever makes your heart sing. There’s no point chasing goals that will make you unhappy. If you reallllly don’t like running. Don’t run. There’s plenty other ways to get in shape. I don’t like spinning, but will be the first in line for boxing!

So, lets re-evaluate those goals. Get dedicated. Get focused. What are your short term and long term goals? Mine is as simple as getting my glutes stronger (with the added benefit of that little bit bigger, curvier booty! 😉 ) I will therefore be focussing a lot on my lower body. Upping my squat, lunge, deadlift and hip extension game. Taking check of the differences on a regular basis. Wish me luck! & I wish you every success with yours, and in your 2016! Remember one goal at a time. Focus. Perseverance. 110% heart. 110%effort.

Till next time.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

(Photos by: James Farrell photography, New York)


Keep smiling. Make happiness your number one priority!

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