Dry January Getting A Little….Dry?

Hello Saturday! It’s about that time of the week when you’re getting ready to maybe go out with your mates, have a little fun. BUT…It seems like every man and his dog is doing the”dry January”thing this year. Hat’s off to you if  you’re the one in your party bunch that’s taken on the infamous “Dryatholon” this January! You’ve just gone past your mid point so kudos to you if you’ve kept strong and resisted the urge to get the booze flowing. It’s probably about this point (especially on a Saturday night) where you might be more tempted to reach for that drink.

Personally I can appreciate the good intention of the challenge. I did it a couple of times myself and felt the real health benefits of limiting alcohol consumption. I opted out this year with an intention to continue a health lifestyle throughout the months. If I fancy a glass of wine or so at the weekend then I’ll have one (and the rest). In general I stick to an easy rule. No drinking in the week apart from maybe Fridays and Saturdays. I feel this is an amount where I enjoy a drink or two but don’t continue the trend. It also means I’m not tempted to binge the second January is out – especially given my early February birthday!

If you are on the “Dry January” thaaaang, good for you. I still think it’s a great way to damage control those Christmas drink-a-thons. It’s also a great way to set your intentions for a healthy year ahead. However, if the “I’ll just have tap water please” is getting a little tired by now (think of the cost savings…and not to mention THAT beautiful bod!) then here’s a few ideas to help you keep hydrated throughout the “Dryathlon”.


  • Get an “Infruition” – Try out this cracking bit of kit. I’ve only recently had the pleasure of trying one. Its a fantastic bit of kit and a fitty (and dryathloners) best friend! By adding your favourite fruits or veggies into the chamber inside the flask you can infuse your water flavour! The concoction opportunities are endless. This was a nice blend of lemon and mint, super refreshing! I’m also a massive fan of the mint and lime, hello Mojito minus the alcohol nasties! Hooray! Can’t hate that. It’s also a great alternative to all those flavoured water products that simply just up the sugar intake and usually come with nasty additives.



The Infruition Sport is a genius bit of kit for making that water way more exciting! Plus great for taking around for all day hydration.

  • Drink green tea – whilst your on that health kick you might as well get on that green tea kick. Green tea is filled with tons of healthy antioxidants (Matcha green tea? Even better!) Although green tea still has caffeine (so you don’t need to go too nuts on the number of cups you have) it has less caffeine than coffee and will aid your hydration.
  • Make yourself a mock-tail – all the flavour and non of the alcohol – be mindful of added sugars in those soft drinks though!
  • Don’t be tempted to reach for the fizzy – If your dryatholon is simply upping your intake of nasties like Coca-Cola then in my view you might as well not bother. If you struggle to keep things still then try sparkling water.
  • Order a soda and lime at the bar (sans the spirit) – This is a great trick when you’re out. By drinking soda water and lime (or lemon) it helps you to feel like you’re having a ‘drink drink’ even when you’re not. The peer pressure can jog on too as they’ll never know the difference. I won’t tell if you don’t 😉 Happy Saturday and happy healthy January team!

Until next time….

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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