New Look Sport Puts the Vogue in “Voga”


What could be more faaaaaabulous (schweety darling) than donning some fantastically fashionable yoga gear and channelling your inner most diva-esque Madonna? Well…that’s exactly what we got to do at our House of Voga x New Look Sport event last week.

On Tuesday 28th July, we were up bright and early ready and raring to put the ‘Vogue-in’ in our ‘yog-in’ at the beautiful London Edition Hotel. We were taken down to the serene bottom floor, where you could feel the excited little buzz of the ‘fash pack fitty’s’ eagerly awaiting our class. Collectively “oooo-ing” and “aaaaa-ing” at the awesome activewear we were lucky enough to be sporting courtesy of New Look and their recently launched New Look Sport range.

It’s so refreshing to see a high street brand embracing the wonderful up rise of every day activewear. Gone are the days of bland boring Lycra. Here, we see an array of neons, prints and frankly rather all round sassy looking fitness clothes. Why shouldn’t you look as schmooking hot as your very sweaty self feels?


The class was taken by ‘mega babe’ and ridiculously fit ‘Voga’ guru Juliet Murrell (creator of House of Voga). House of Voga describes “Voga” as “the breath synchronised moves of yoga with the expressive moves of the dance class”. We were taken through the super imaginative and fun session with Juliet. Not sure I felt quite as graceful or diva fabulous as she looked, but it sure was fun. Some 80’s beats, lots of laughing and plenty of sass and we were through with our session before we knew it!

We finished up with some wonderfully healthy breakfast and (of course!) some more goggling at the fab New Look Sport collection. So many fabulous outfit options, the more pressing question is what ensemble to go for next session!? An excellent excuse if there was one to get sweaty more often. When you look that good whilst ‘toning what you own’ then what’s stopping you!?

The collection is so great because it’s not only for yoga (or Voga!),  its for a whole host of other training options like cross training and running. The pieces are created with material that keeps you feeling dry throughout your workouts, even if you’ve worked up a sweat. The range is so comfy, yet ‘cool’ that the pieces make great day to day wear too.  At high street prices I’m certain it will make for very happy, very fashionable ‘fitty’s’ everywhere. Check out the range here at:

I for one can’t wait to get my hands on more of the fitness range! I will definitely be sporting mine all day errrryday! Thank you for a super chic, super fun morning New Look x House of Voga. Till next time Vogi’s…

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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