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Again my week is packed out, and again I find myself acchhhing to get to “The Power Yoga Company” (TPYC) Parsons Green. Not a week goes by when I don’t want to get my sweaty yoga fix at this serene, ego free, yoga sanctuary. Tucked away in beautiful Parsons Green it embodies it’s own little bubble of happy yogi bunnies….Like me!

The “Power” aspect in The Power Yoga Company is important to note. Classes are athletic. Not hot to the extent of hot yoga but you certainly get your sweat on. For all those yoga naysayers that think yoga is “easy” I challenge you to take an all level power yoga class and still think the same. Classes flow fast and strong, but still incredibly peacefully. You feel the whole class unite, not only in their ohm’s but throughout the entire practice.


Having practiced at TPYC for a while now, I can’t say there’s been a class I don’t like. Teachers are picked with extreme care. Each with their own yogi personalities. I particularly like how most classes have music. It’s not to everyone’s taste but I for one think it truly enhances my practice. When Caroline played DJ Luck & MC Neat “With a little bit of luck” one happy Friday I was in my absolute element. Why not make classes fun with a pinch (or a tonne!) of character. It’s fun! It not taking yoga too seriously. That it is what is key. You allow yourself to be free, to be you. From that your yoga practice grows. Notably. Since starting I have seen my practice blossom. Teachers aren’t scared to challenge you with progressions.


The studios are light, airy, spacious but still with an intimate factor. There is also a wonderful health food cafe for your post yoga juices and raw treats which is a really nice touch. It’s a place you want to practice. Want to take yourself to escape life’s craziness. Every time I come out I feel so much happier, more peaceful and darn right “buzzy” than when I went in. It gives you that yoga high. To me that is what makes this studio my favourite and one I will continue to go to time again.

A range of classes are offered letting beginners be beginners, easing them into their practice, right through to long established yogi’s. Everyones yoga practice is so individual and personal, why not give it a try it might just be your yogi match made in heaven. I am very lucky to have found mine!

Prices and schedules can be found on their website at:


A variety of classes are offered by TPYC from maternity, kids and beginner to more advanced. The introductory offer is also an absolute steal, I’m only sad that I’ve used mine up! Regular workshops and yoga retreats are also offered by the studio to keep your practice ever developing and exciting! Enjoy! See you on the mat!

Sending health and happiness,
Kim x


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