Mind Body Bowl Summer Series

When someone of insta-fame with the name “mindbodybowl” contacts you about an event, I already knew she would be my kinda girl, & this would be my kinda event!
Mind, body, bowl…..(aka FOOD)….heck I’m sold already! So even luckier still I thought that I had been contacted by the lady herself (Annie Clarke) to do two of my favourite things…yoga & eat! Hooray, I’m there, (obvs)!
The Mind Body Bowl Summer series was made up of a group of lovely fit minded ladies. The yoga class was taken in hip & trendy Shoreditch. We took a fabulous, energetic & darn right feel good yoga class with Stephy White.
We then ate some rather exquisite home baked brekkie goods by Annie. I didn’t feel compelled to mention that I’d already had breakfast earlier on in the morning (the more healthy baked goods the better)! And the fitness posse would never have known it given the way I happily dove into the homemade granola & Coyo – & who could say no to that freshly baked banana bread! Quick slurp of “The Press” Coconut & pineapple pressed juice and I’m officially in heaven. Literally the dream (for fitness buffs anyway!)
As if this wasn’t enough, it was topped off with a fab goodie bag including dishy energy balls made by Annie herself. Of which I was extremely grateful for later in my back to back day of clients and castings.
image1 (1)

Mind_body_bowl’s homemade granola, COYO and berries. Photo:@misscharholmes Instagram

Energy balls by Mind_body_bowl Photo: My Instagram: @kimhartwell

Energy balls by Mind_body_bowl
Photo: My Instagram: @kimhartwell

Thanks for an amazing event Mind Body Bowl, I can’t wait for the next one. I fully recommend trying out some of her recipes & not forgetting that fab & groovy yoga class with Stephy – another must try!
All in all Kimmy is a very happy fitness bunny here at Tone What You Own. Stay tuned for lots more fun fitness events, recipes and workouts on the Tone What You Own blog. I’d love to hear any of your comments or questions, it would mean so much to me!
Have a great week! Till’ next time.
Sending health & happiness,
Kim x

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