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Walking into Core Collective (C/C) is like stepping into the future. I should know; I feel like I’ve seen it; given that the whole world follows New York’s lead. Living there for the last three years of my life I experienced first-hand the massive uproar in all fitness everything. In New York you can’t walk a block without some new, fantastically fabulous fitness boutique, class or clinic. Moving back to London, I can see how we’re now following in those fantastic fitness footprints of our friends on the other side of the pond. The streets of London are now suddenly flooded with the yoga mat carrying, sweatpant wearing, juice sipping ‘fitty’s of Blighty’. The C/C studio is an absolute testament to the cool fit kid movement in the UK.

As soon as I walked into the studio I was immediately reminded of those New York gym studio days. Those bright lights of slick and uber trendy NY studios are here at C/C London. The health food café hangout when you walk in. The immaculate and ever cool and urban décor. The new of-the-moment toy box of fun fitness goodies to play with. As I enter, I gasp and a huge grin comes to my face! Welcome home Kimmy! This is London’s fitness scene. This is quite something special. The studio is an enviable walking distance from Holland Park and High Street Kensington station, this sets the tone for what’s to come of this new innovative training playground.

I was rather lucky to be invited down to a morning of “Crunch and Brunch” with some like minded fitness blogger folks. For 2 hours we tested the class offerings. The studio offers spinning, TRX (called Resistance) classes and High Intensity/Functional training style classes (Velocity). Additionally there is a personal training studio and super healthy food café: Who Loves You Café.


The Classes

Each of the classes we tried pushed us out of our comfort zones, but the trainers, epic music and sheer energy of the studio vibe kept us going. We wooped, we cheered, we panted. A thoroughly good, thoroughly tough, workout had by all.


Velocity studio 2 LR

This class is by far my personal favourite. It is known as the signature class of Core Collective. In essence it is a High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) class combined with functional training systems. It combines interval, functional, core stability and athletic training. If I’m talking French to you, it’s basically a mix of hard hitting, sweat pumping circuits. These circuits are a combination of both body weight, resistance and functional training mechanisms which include fun new toys you might not have played with before. Toys such as the “prowler” – a sled like apparatus used to train power and strength by being pushed or pulled at either end. That, in addition to tyres, rings, rowers, a boxing bag, soft boxes to name a few. Basically you’re going to get a workout but its going to be super fun (if you like that sort of stuff). It’s made for people exactly like yours truly and is bound to attract the masses!


resistance studio LR

Resistance classes make use of the hugely versatile TRX straps. TRX suspension training is  an excellent tool for body weight work that is hugely challenging for the body but limits stress placed on bones. By angling your body in different ways they provide a sound basis for a workout. Enter these into a class based scenario and you’re on to a winning workout with the fun of some team camaraderie. Resistance classes will provide you with suspension training in intimate groups that ensure form and technique are top priorities.


accelerate studio LR

I will be the first to admit spinning is not my most favourite type of exercise to do (hey we all have our workouts we love to hate 😉 ). However, I have to say for the spinning portion of our blog which I was dreading, I actually had a jolly good time. Cracking music, some meaty base, some team wooping and cheering and a (very ‘kick you up the arse’ type) instructor made me actually get into the ‘spin thing’. I might even go back for another spin fix 😉

Personal Training

C/C will soon also be providing personal training options to complement the awesome classes on offer. There is no fixed membership and classes are purchased in a set number of sessions, putting you in charge of your own fitness journey.

Studio Space

The stylishly designed studios offer an attitude-free atmosphere for you to workout in. Studios are spacious, and class numbers are limited to ensure that you are fully engaged with your workout and receive the attention you deserve. C/C promises to set a new standard in the fitness industry and I truly believe they have and will continue this into the future.

womens changing room LR

The beauty of the studio makes it a place you want to be, want to hang out in. No longer are the days of skanky changing rooms that you’d rather skip the shower and go home for one. With complimentary towels, toiletries and lockers it makes everything super easy for you. The ‘Who Loves You’ health food café serves as a wonderful compliment to the classes offering the latest in all things super tasty and super healthy. You’ll find it easy to make the studio your second home.

  IMG_8037 IMG_8038

Classes are offered on a pay-as-you-go basis so you don’t have to worry about memberships fees. You are completely in charge of your fitness journey!

I thoroughly recommend a visit! Thanks for having us at your ‘Crunch and Brunch’ Core Collective; we toned, we owned & we loved it!

Sending health and happiness,

Kim x

More information available at:

45 Phillimore Walk, Holland Park, London, W8 7RZ


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