Your Travel Sweat Fix: Hotel Bodyweight Workout


Traveling got your gym mojo down? Fear not fit one, here’s a body blasting workout coming to a hotel room near you. No gym. No problem. All you need is your own bodyweight, and a 6ft space – you’re back in the game. Damage control that food buffet of dreams, earn that extra glass of ‘vino el delicious’ and deserve that day of sweet sunshine nothingness, here’s your go to hotel sweat fix.

These 5 simple moves from Tone What You Own will blow away those jet lag cobwebs & get that body feeling it’s usual awesome self. Complete the exercises one after the other. 2 to 3 rounds of this circuit with 30-90 seconds rest between circuits & you’ll be taking the world by storm….

Remember to warm up and stretch at the end to stay happy, healthy & ever wandering! Go get ’em globetrotter!

1) Crawl – Moving Plank – Tricep Push Up: One to get that heart rate up, toning from tip to toe. Make sure your hips keep stable throughout. Resist the urge to rock them side to side (especially on the plank). Keep your core engaged the whole exercise. Shoulders over elbows for the plank. Arms in nice and close to the body for the Tricep push up. Neck always inline with the spine (neutral). Go for 10-12 reps (increasing as you progress). Tricep push ups are tough so you can always drop to your knees to modify.

2) Alternating Forward Lunge: 12-15/leg. Step forward – quite a long step. Ensuring here that the weight is driving through the heel of your front foot. Your front knee tracks inline with your 2nd & 3rd toe. The knee doesn’t extend past the toe. You can see a right angle in both the front a back legs as you lower. Squeeze the glutes on the way up. Chest open, core engaged. Think of how great you’ll be feeling on the beach; literally moments away!

3) Tricep Dips: 12-15. Using a chair lower your body slowly toward the ground. You want to create a 90 degree angle in the arm and legs as seen in the video. Your butt needs to be as near to the chair as possible without touching it, lowering your body to almost touch the ground. Spice it up by straightening your legs, but (please!) don’t compromise your form.

4) Single Leg Bridge: an oldie but a goodie. You’ll be feeling those buns by now. Finish strong. 12-15 on one leg, then the other. Palms facing up so you’re not tempted to use them to push up. Raised leg as straight as possible, heel kicking into the ceiling. Hips stable. Neck relaxed on the floor. Suns out buns out! You got this!

5) Glute Step Up: 12-15 on one leg, then switch up to the other. Focus on driving the weight into the heel of your stepping foot. Controlled step up, core engaged. Slow and controlled both on the way up and down. Good job!

Complete each move one after the other in a circuit fashion. Rest for 30-90 seconds, then do another 2 to 3 rounds.

THAT my friend is how you get your travel sweat fix and stay in your A game, regardless of global wandering frolicks!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Certified Personal Trainer / Eqvvs Personal Training, Knightsbridge, London / Core Collective, High Street Kensington / Fitness Model @ W Athletics

Filmed in the WestInn Hotel, Singapore


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