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So you’ve got yourself a nice little vacay? Nice. Or maybe it’s business inflicted jet setting? Either way your health regimes bound to go out the window….right? If your air miles are enough to buy a small aircraft hanger then you may struggle to keep on top of your health goals. Going away doesn’t have to mean that your fitness ‘bad-assery’ has to go away with it! Here are some simple top tips for staying in your A game on your travels. We won’t tell anybody about that sneaky Singapore Sling mind…we couldn’t take that simple pleasure from you! As a personal trainer, model and self professed global wanderer I’m constantly on my travels. Here’s my top 5 tips for fit and fabulous travels:

1) Stay hydrated

Water is absolutely critical to pretty much all of our bodies functions. Everything from energy production, cooling, to fat burn and everything in between. Keeping a steady supply of water to the body will keep your body doing what it does best. Ample amount of water is a must, even more so when you factor in hot climates. Don’t forget that water for the plane!


2) Prepare your food as much as possible

Avoid the airplane food nasties. As with any food that you haven’t prepared yourself, you don’t know what’s in it! Stay on track by preparing your meals/snacks in advance where possible. I like to make my overnight oats as a great grab and go option for an early flight (which can be found here ). Otherwise I’ll pack a protein packed salad with plenty of veggies, or my favourite almond butter snacks. Travel is also a great excuse to check out the local healthy cuisine offerings and produce. Think coconuts, mangos and fresh seafood as wonderful sources of nutrition, so delicious too.

3) Lose the booze…okay…to an extent

Everyone loves to kickback with their favourite bevy on their jollys. By choosing wiser, cleaner alcohol you’ll at least damage control the impact of your beloved bottle. Try vodka, soda and lime or red wine as a healthier alternative to sugary cocktails. Remember moderation is your friend. We all love that extra bottle of wine till it catches up with you on that super hard hitting (“God when is it going to be over”) run! 5

4) Suss out your fitness regime ASAP

Keep your focus and you’ll get results. Use travel as a great excuse to shake up your routine. Does the hotel have a gym? A swimming pool? You’ve always wanted to try Tai-chi right? Any local running routes maps offered by the hotel? I often find the best way to see a city is to simply get out and get running (or walking). It’s by far the best way to get your grounding, and you get a chance to see things you never would have thought you would. Fitness & sightseeing – what’s not to love? No excuses for not seeing the city on your business trip. Just remember that hotel address to get back!

5) Bodyweight blaster workouts

Don’t underestimate the power of your body as a piece of gym equipment! Simple bodyweight exercises can be done in a small amount of space like hotel rooms with great efficiency! Try push ups, lunges, squats – all incredible total body toners. Pack a jump rope or a resistance band to crank up your workout options. Even if it’s for 15 mins; something is always better than nothing.



Stay tuned for the Tone What You Own: “Travel Sweat Fix” for a bodyweight workout that you can bust out in the comfort of your hotel room. Wishing you happy, safe and healthy travels this summer.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x


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