A Class in Getting Your Runners High

Photo: My Instagram

Mile High Run Club. Photo: my Instagram

Treadmills are having a massive moment in the fitness scene. Although treadmills themselves have been a part of the fitness furniture for years, it might just be their time to brush off the dust and start to shine again…

Photo: David Siik's Precision Running, Well+Good

David Siik’s Precision Running. Photo by: Well+Good

Gone are the days of being bored sat on a treadmill at the same pace for long monotonous amounts of time. The likes of Mile High Run Club, Barry’s Bootcamp and David Siik’s ‘Precision Running’ treadmill based training classes has made the once thought boring equipment of the treadmill all sparkly and new again. Although it doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles of the equipment based trendy classes hopping their way around the fitness circuit at the moment (Acroyoga, Megareformer anyone?). The simple act of treadmill running still remains one of the most effective workout tools. As David Siik (running coach and Precision Running group treadmill creator at Equinox) explains: “running requires so much energy to push up and off the ground every single step that collectively over many steps, it’s so much work.”

Photo: Mile High Run Club

Photo: Mile High Run Club

Mile High Run Club (MHRC) prides itself on being the first group treadmill class studio in New York dedicated to solely running. By the looks of things it won’t be the last. Class led treadmill workouts fused with resistance training provide a burn that strides ahead of traditional treadmill training. As MHRC states; “daily group treadmill classes and endurance focused strength training led by elite runners, (means that) everyone trains like an athlete regardless of fitness level.”

MHRC’s classes are a fusion of class led coached running and resistance training with kettlebells. The running portion of the class focuses on gradient and speed. The strength portion of the class focuses on strengthening muscles needed most in running. Both portions will make you an overall better runner. You’ll never need to ponder what on earth to do on the treadmill for so long again. Your treadmill workouts will be stronger, more exciting and more efficient.

Classes are great for anyone wanting to up their running game or simply just wanting to run with like minded fitness folks. Whether your training for a race or just starting out, you’ll learn all you need to know about life in the running lane – without the usual treadmill boredom or unpredictability of New York’s ice cold winter.

Founder of MHRC, Deborah Warner. Photo by: Well+Good

Founder of MHRC, Deborah Warner. Photo by: Well+Good

I was lucky enough to meet Deborah Warner, founder of MHRC on a fitness shoot for Self Magazine. The lady herself is the picture of health with fitness experience by the bucket load. Her newly opened studio is taking the New York fitness scene by storm. The studio is set in super fit and trendy Noho. With beautiful, clean changing rooms, meeting dark fluorescent lights of the class studio, it’s enough to get your motivation revved and help you really tune into your runners stride. Make sure you get down to MHRC for a taste of your ‘runners high’ – it’s addictive!

For those who can’t get down to the studio or outside but still want a runners workout, check out the “Be A Better Runner” workout routine in this months Self Magazine (February edition) . You can find Deborah and myself showing you some indoor strength training that you can do anywhere that will help you up your running ante…

Deborah Warner’s “Be A Better Runner” Self Magazine workout

Also available in video on Self.com at: http://video.self.com/watch/trainer-to-go-the-moves-you-need-to-improve-your-run

Here’s to longer, stronger running!

Sending Health & Happiness,

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