Flow Hard or Go Home


Brooklyn we flow hard. Or at least we certainly do at Y7 yoga studio in Williamsburg; a secret little gem nestled in the depths of Kent Avenue. Described as the ‘Soul Cycle’ of yoga, Y7 is exactly what you would expect from the cool kid studios of Brooklyn. A studio frequented by the New York model scene, this tiny but mighty studio definitely flows hard.


Set in the most peculiar surroundings I did find myself questioning the model who had recommended the studio to me. The small class (neighbor to Crossfit South Williamsburg) is set in the basement of a kind of rabbit hole business establishment. Lots of different businesses in little cubby holes.

The studio itself as a space is beautifully simple. Once you enter class, you definitely get ‘it’. Greeted by a dark room with pounding music with a bass that shakes the studio. Only candles outline your fellow yogis as you make your way to your yoga mat. There’s something wonderfully weird about not being able to fully use your sight senses. The candles flicker enough for you to see the quote on the wall “A tribe called sweat”, and that’s what it feels like. Like your in a tribe of likeminded strong yogi spirits ready to get your sweat on.


The class follows a similar flow to that of other studios. The flow is such that you certainly get your sweat for your money. The whole class is set to all kinds of loud awesome music. You can get anything from JayZ to Stevie Wonder. It is the simple combination of the darkness, pumping music and the powerful flow practice that keeps yogis coming back for more. There’s a sense of togetherness bought about by the absence of sight. It allows you to tune into yourself, zone out of distractions and really be at one with your practice and your own spirit. As a Manhattan girl, I will most certainly be regularly frequenting the L train to get a slice of this soulful serenity.

Classes are either Vinyasa or what they call ‘Deep Flow’ involving holding postures for longer to really strengthen and stretch the muscles. They even have ‘Hip Hop Wednesdays’. If you like your yoga with a beat be sure to check out this cool jewel. Sshhh don’t tell too many people; it won’t be secret for long!

Also good news for city yogi’s is that you’ll be finding Y7 coming very soon to super central Soho. Y7 is teaming up with ‘The Monster Cycle” to open its doors at 182 Lafayette St. Winner. So what are you waiting for, get ready to flow hard whichever side of the river you choose.

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

More info:


240 Kent Ave (Basement), Brooklyn, NY 11249

P: (646) 820-0781, Email: Hi@Y7-studio.com


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