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Greeted by the sign “Leave your ego at the door, its game time” you walk into Tone House NYC. There it stands; a dimly lit room and the kind of music that makes your heart pound. You feel like a boxer psyched to fight, taking your walk up to the ring. The coaches and rest of your team are ready for your first strike. This is a training destination where you undoubtedly have to bring your “A game”. Coined ‘the toughest workout in New York’, there’s no room for anything less.


Sounds intense right? Tonehouse is a simple but brilliant idea. Founder (fitness powerhouse) Alonzo Wilson and a team of buff bad asses take you through your paces by simulating the training of actual athletes. No stranger to professional sports conditioning Alonzo and his team know a thing or two about elite training. With different days of the week dedicated to different body focuses you can make sure that you tone every bit of what you own on a weekly basis.

Challenging, muscle burning, insanely sweat inducing? Yes, but here’s the fun bit; the whole time you’re supported by the type of group team camaraderie you’d expect playing in a team. The coaches’ push you to make sure you ‘show up’ and bring everything you’ve got, but there’s still this great underlying fun factor to it all. You come out feeling incredible (errrrrytime) & with an amazement for what you’ve all just accomplished. We, everyday people of New York can be athletes too. How amazing is that? If you have a body, you can be an athlete. ToneHouse brings this to you.

So what should you expect?

It’s certainly not for the faint hearted but nothing to be feared either. If you enjoy being challenged and “unleashing your inner athlete” with a group of fun loving fitness people, you will love every minute of it. Ok you might have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the minutes in conditioning day but ‘oh my’ will your body have something to show for it.

The body focus of a particular day will dictate the exercises you do but the sessions follow a similar structure. 15 minutes of a pretty intense warm up including agility exercises and burpees. Then multiple circuits of exercises for either upper body, lower body, total body, core or conditioning training. Expect to get to use all the toys in the fitness toy box. Weighted bungee sprints? You got it. Power sleds? – Yep those too. Pull up bars, TRX, sand bags, val sliders, soft boxes, abdollies, they’ve got it covered. The coaches will show you how to navigate your way through the equipment with their fiery workouts, high fiving and cheering you all the way.


My last session was a lower body focus day with Head Coach Yusuf Jeffers (he’s awesome!) One of my ‘team mates’ was Mary. Mary has recently given birth to her daughter (4 months ago no less) and was absolutely crushing her workout. This buff baby Mumma I thought, is some fitness inspiration. Her small piece of time off from the baby she had she was at Tone House running rings around all of us. If she can do it (and be a total bad ass doing it) so can you!

You wanna be in the coolest team in downtown NYC? You want to have some fun? Then channel your inner athlete and get involved in Tone House!

Sending health & happiness,

Kim x

Find out more information: www.tonehousenewyork.com

Tone House NYC, 20 East 17th St, 2nd Floor, New YorK, NY 10003


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